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Three people lost their lives and almost 300 people were wounded. Alternative Media gives us information not meant to be sold for a profit, but to inform us about what we really need to know. Sites like Truth-out. Org give us the inside scoop of what the FBI really didn’t tell us about that horrible day. Throughout. Org is a nonprofit organization that works to provide readers every day with independent news and commentary. There are many articles on the websites that are published every day, about world issues, United States issues, news commentary and headlines, and even link to another website called Backslash. Mom that was by the Truth-out news community. Since Truth-out is a nonprofit organization, that means it’s funded by people who donate money to help keep the site running. Articles are well written and chosen by Truth-out Editors. Claims are supported in the text and submission guidelines need to be followed accordingly to be published on the website. In Mainstream Coverage, you don’t hear the coverage that is under the radar and there are many articles about one particular topic. Take for example the coverage on the

Boston Marathon, on that date everyone was looking for the fast facts like the date and all the victims; but the facts that didn’t come under the radar were the facts about what the FBI wasn’t doing. In the article by CNN called,” Boston Marathon Terror Attack Fast Facts,” they fail to mention how the Russians told the FBI about Tamer Tsarina’s traveling to Datasets to work with terrorist groups. That fact was included in the article by Jessica Dissuasive and Jade Crocked,” The Boston Marathon Bombing Shows Why Surveillance State Doesn’t Work,” from Truth-out. M Some people may have been offended with how CNN didn’t mention this fact when it could’ve really changed how we looked at the FBI and its effectiveness based on protecting the public. We have also learned from that same article on Truth-out that the FBI doesn’t need a certain reason to investigate people so spying is easy for them to do, so why they didn’t find a reason to spy Tamer has the authors confused. This has a bad effect on civil liberty groups and public safety because it leaves terrorists to do as they please.

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Like Jade Crocked said,” Now my question is: what is the purpose of these dragnet databases that implicate the privacy of hundreds of millions of people if these alerts are Just going to be routinely ignored because there are so many of them? ” People have the right to privacy, but if the threats aren’t being dealt with appropriately, why do we have these databases? To protect democracy, we have to protect the people’s rights but also protect them. A democracy needs some things in order to work properly, the ruling of the people, and leadership needs to be taken.

Also, the mainstream website CNN mentions victims’ names and ages, but the website doesn’t make it personal. For example: “Frederic Whitman, chairman of the board of trustees of the Neighborhood House Charter School in Boston, confirms that one of the people killed is 8-year-old Martin Richard. Richards sister and mother are hospitalized with serious injuries. ” We are given the facts with as little detail as possible, thinking of them as statistics rather than people with feelings. What if we had heard about what the families thought?

Or how much it affected them in their ally lives? They don’t really elaborate on the tragedy yet they focus on the facts only, and not about why it happened. While the Truth-out article actually focuses on why the attack happened and there is a discussion based on the arguments being made and what people would actually think of the discussion at hand. Opinions are made from every single thing, whether it’s about a book or a painting. Alternative Media gives us a different perspective of an event that the Mass Media doesn’t give.

When you take a look at the Truth-out article you see a perspective regarding the efforts one and not the attack which a lot of articles seem to have spent their time on. The Mainstream coverage on the attack was very informative and it was detailed, however, its only directed towards the masses and not directed to anyone else. A broad audience is important so all ages are informed to the best of the sources ability. If there’s a big issue, the public needs to be informed about everything that goes on. The thing about alternative media is that all the information is brought forward uncensored, to get the full picture.

Even on the article by Truth-out they wowed us a video of the bombing itself, a lot of websites wouldn’t even do that, but it allows us to empathic about the event. As human beings we need to learn how to feel for others, in order to take action in our communities. Alternative Media directs their information towards everyone who is willing to listen. In the appeals for help in marathon bombings,” by Eileen Sullivan and Jay Lindsay, we learn that anyone with any knowledge about the case to please step forward and to help. People are making a difference to protect democracy.

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