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The Age of Imperialism was a time of great wealth in the mother countries. European countries went everywhere to find places to conquer in order to get their natural resources and raw materials. The Increase in colonies led to an Increase In nationalism, wealth, and power. One of the key places that European wanted between 1880 and 1914 was Africa. In 1878, Africa was basically free except for some parts of south, which were controlled by Britain, and some Portuguese. By 1914, almost the entire continent was controlled by a European nation. Almost all

Europeans had a good attitude toward the European calculation of African countries because It Increased nationalism, wealth, and power, however, some disagreed with It because they felt that there were problems In Europe that needed to be dealt with. Between 1880 and 1914, Africa was a great place to acquire colonies If necessary. Almost everyone in Europe was very supportive of this movement. Prince Leopold of Belgium was for this movement because he said that colonies are very useful in that they help the mother country gain wealth, natural resources, and power. (Doc. ) He also believes that it is a great way to prove to everyone that Belgians are imperial people capable of dominating and enlightening others. Since Prince Leopold was heir to the Belgium throne, he wanted to make sure that his country had the most money and power it could get. Another European who loved the acquisition of African Colonies was Joseph Chamberlain. (Doc. 4) He believed that without the use of colonies, a country couldn’t survive. He believes that the mother country is highly dependent on its colonies raw materials and natural resources and without them half the population would starve.

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Another proponent to the acquisition of Africa was George Washington Williams of Belgium. (Doc. 6) He believes that not only is it good that they are acquiring land and wealth, but it is very easy to do so. He said that with a strong handshake and some gin, whole villages resign. Benjamin Disraeli believed that it was a good thing to get colonies in Africa. He disagreed that the purchase of the Suez Canal was going to increase wealth, however, he felt that it was a good political transaction. (Doc. 2) He believed that this acquire would increase nationalism and power.

Finally, Martial Henry Merlin loved the idea of taking land room people who were unable to develop the wealth of their land. (Doc. 11) He believed that they had the right to go and take that land away from them because they were backwards people who were barbaric. However, he believed, that when they do take over these countries, they had to respect the people. People all over Europe were excited and loved the Idea of colonies In Africa. Even though many people agreed with the calculation of these colonies, other disagreed. Otto Van Bismarck was the most Influential man In Germany between Martin Luther and Adolph Hitler.

He believed that people should not be worried bout gaining territory outside of Europe, but they should worry about Europe first. (Doc. 3) He thought that there was land to be had In Europe and that people needed to wake up and see it. He was too occupied with protecting Germany from the other Clark believed that imperialism is a fake nationalism. He said that when a military officer conquers a land, the people are supporting him, but in reality they are Just supporting the financiers who are aiding them. (Doc. 7) In Germany, the Social Democratic Party Congress believes that people who want to conquer the lands in African are Just greedy. Doc. ) They believe that the only real purpose of the whole idea is to show their military force and show their wealth. They believe that the wealthy middle class are no longer content with their home market so they go to a new one to try to get more. Essentially, this political party believes that they are greedy. There were certainly many people who felt that attempting to acquire colonies in Africa was the wrong thing to do. As you can see, many people believed that was a great idea to acquire colonies in Africa because it increased wealth, nationalism, and power, however, there were many other who felt differently.

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