Will Biofuels Solve Global Warming Assignment

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Will Befouls solve global warming? Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases; these trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere that should escape from the earth. Global warming is causing sea levels to rise and ice caps to melt this could lead to coastal cities flooding droughts in area’s which usually get rain and less crops to list only a few affects. The cause of global warming is “greenhouse gases” these gases include nitrous oxide carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Cars produce CO, H2O and trace amounts of nitrogen oxide all greenhouse gases, with the amount of cars on the road surpassing the 1 billion mark in 2010 according to Ward’s Auto with the average car realizing 7 tons of CO each year it is easy to see why cars are one of the biggest contributors to global warming, producing energy for factories to work also produces harmful gases one solution to this problem is Befouls. Befouls is the term given to living or recently living biological material which can be used to fuel cars and other forms of transport they can be derived from any Biomass include animal waste products.

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One of the main advantages of Befouls is that they are almost carbon neutral; when a crop is growing it performs photosynthesis to create sugars and other organic impounds that provide energy during this process plants take in CO when these crops are turned into Befouls and burned this CO is realized back into the atmosphere as no more CO has been added it is carbon neutral however some CO is produced in transporting these crops and turning them into Befouls so they are not completely carbon neutral.

Unlike fossil fuels such as petrol Befouls are a renewable energy source this means they will not run out as crops can be grown back relatively quickly. Befouls can be created anywhere in the world meaning it is accessible to many people. Befouls are also cheaper to run than petrol or diesel with the price of petrol rising due to it depleting amount Befouls are cheaper to attain. Other benefit of Befouls is that they provide jobs and industry for many farmers all over the world.

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