Water Pollution Assignment

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The main sources of water pollution are generally put into two categories which are generally based on their point of source. The two different categories are the, point- source pollution refers to contaminants that are passed through a waterway without anyone knowing about it. A few Of them contaminates of this category would be discharges from treatment plants, factory fun off, leaking from underground tanks and many more. The second primary category which is, non-point source pollution, is that the contamination actually has a name and it does not come from a one intensified source.

I would think logically and ponder many thoughts through my head on how to control and manage water pollution. Would control non-point and point sure pollution by limiting paved surfaces. Today all of the cities and towns are covered by paved surfaces such as sidewalks and parking lots. The paved surface prevents water from seeping down into the ground, which then causes runoff. When the quickly flowing runoff empties into the waters, it can severely erode the banks of lakes and other bodies of water. The paved surfaces also generate heat to runoff, which will be increasing the temperature of waters.

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The inhabitant species of fish and other aquatic life will not be able to survive in the warmer waters. I would also be sure that homes throughout the community are using proper septic systems. Septic systems that are malfunctioning or overflowing will release bacteria and nutrients into the water cycle, contaminating nearby lakes and all the other bodies of water. Septic systems must be built in the right place, so that they aren’t interfered with to cause a leak. Be sure that he ground above the system is not going to be over used. If the ground above the system gets too compacted the soil and can cause the systems pipes to elapse.

Also, septic systems should be located away from trees because tree roots can crack pipes or block the flow of wastewater through drain lines. Proper septic system management is also important, and a system should be inspected and emptied every 3 to 5 years to ensure that we are not causing pollution Lastly I would be sure to try and make everyone understand how important it is to dispose of and properly store their chemicals. Household cleaners, grease, Oil, should be disposed Of properly. Over time chemicals can corrode septic system pipes and might not be completely removed during the filtering process.

Chemicals that are poured down the drain can also interfere with the chemical and natural breakdown of the wastes in the septic tank. On household lawns and gardens, homeowners can try natural alternatives to chemical fertilizers and pesticides and apply no more than the recommended amounts. If chemicals are needed around the home, they should be stored properly to prevent leaks and access by children. Most cities have designated sites for the proper disposal of used chemicals. Water pollution takes a toll on the environment as a whole. When the water is polluted the animals in the water are affected along with us humans.

If the pants in the body of water do not have a sufficient supply of nutrients needed they will not survive. If the plans die then that will begin to effect the animals because they will not have a food supply and then they will soon start to decease and then that is how human life starts to become effected. If we do not have any life under water we are losing jobs and food. Humans may also become ill from being exposed to polluted water if it is ingested. In the long run water pollution will eventually affect everyone. With my plan believe that everything is possible, but there will be a few obstacles.

It would take a lot of work but it is feasible. There is a lot Of work that needs to be don’t with the environment everyone needs to just think open minded and logically and lend a helping hand. With work from everyone there is a possibility of having great healthy environment, but cooperation and open-mindedness is needed. The only thing that I would think that would stop my plan is the economy growing, such as businesses expanding. With this happening there would be more pollution from factories and also the need for more paved surfaces. This would create more pollution and would come in the way of my plan.

Otherwise if everyone keeps a level head and works together there will not be too much of a problem if we cease all other ways of pollution. In conclusion there is always going to be some sort of pollution. There is no possible way to halt any of it but there are ways that we can help make a big impact and cut down on pollution. If we stop and work and think together and come up with a good plan and act on a plan then something will most definitely be done about water pollution. There will always be water pollution but only you and can help the environment by doing something about it.

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