Water and Air Pollution Assignment

Water and Air Pollution Assignment Words: 800

Can our environment stand the punishments humans deliver? Everyday actions cause pollutants; one major contributor to air pollution that humans produce is carbon monoxide. We do this simply by driving our automobiles. This toxic pollutant is considered a primary air pollutant because it enters our air directly from the source; our motor vehicles. Human made pollution is something that we can change by using less fuel, coal and oil in our cars, home and factories. Standards have been set by government agencies to help regulate the levels of pollutants in the air.

In many cases it is too late. The air pollution control act of 1955, which established federal grants for research and the Clean Air Act (CA) that further extended the federal government powers for direct intervention to reduce pollution, were established because of increasing detriments to humans health and the environment. (Christofis, 2004) The health hazards that are a result of air pollution have become more common to our elderly and young children. Lung disease, asthma, chest pain or even death, are the results of our careless activities.

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In the 1 sass in Belgium, SIS,(suffer dioxide), and particulate matter combined with high relative humidity and caused 65 deaths in less than 5 days (Christofis, 2004). The emissions from our vehicles affect the atmosphere. The increased consumption of fossil fuels increases the atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases. When these levels are raised, so are the temperatures in the atmosphere. Over time, this results in a climate change. When we experience higher temperatures the effects can be devastating to snow pack, costal damage and changes in vegetation and crop patterns (Valley).

The atmosphere temperature is also raised when high levels Of methane gases are omitted. Some say that global warming is good in the way of agriculture because it helps increase food production. At temperatures rise, more land could be opened up for farming, growing season would lengthen. People could have more livestock. That creates a new problem though. Livestock release this gas naturally, but the more livestock we raise, the more methane gas we produce. One cow can emit h pound of methane per day into the air by belching.

This gas stays in the atmosphere for 10 years and traps 20 mimes more heat than carbon dioxide (Johan). Our environment is also affected by natural sources. Active volcanoes’, forest fires and windblown dust to name a few, pollute our environment and cause imitation of dangerous gases. These are primary pollutants. Volcanoes are particularly dangerous when active because they erupt and release gases very high into the atmosphere. The gases released are water vapor, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. There are smaller amounts of gases but the first three are the highest levels.

Out of these gases, sulfur dioxide and carbon oxide are the most dangerous to humans, our animals, our agriculture and our property. When these gassed are put up in the atmosphere, they can return to earth as acid rain. They also deplete Our ozone. (U. S Department Of the Interior/ IS. S. Geological Survey, 201 0) Just as much as the air that we breathe can be contaminated by pollutants, so can the water that we drink. Water pollution is just as serious to our health, and, just as our daily activities affect our air, they also affect our water.

Actions that we take on our own property affect the water shed. All water runs to the lowest point. Contaminating water at our houses can and will affect everyone downstream. Everything from washing our cars on our grass, to pet waste can affect our water. Recreation can be detrimental to our water. Boating for instance can put harmful toxins in the water in the oil for the engine. Cleaners that are on the outside of the boat are just as dangerous. We need to remember that all water is valuable; humans, animals and agriculture need it to survive. Once it is contaminated, it is not easily fixed.

When the aquatic life consumes these coins, it is not only them we harm, but in turn, we harm ourselves by eating the fish. We create a vicious cycle that we need to end. Don’t think that we as humans have the luxury to continue creating hazards like we are doing. These pollutants that we create and then set aside will cause damage we will not be able to undo. Do we really think we can carry on this way and not pay the consequences? Whether or not we choose to learn and do more to help the environment is up to each of us, but the recoil of our actions will soon be seen by everyone and may be too late to remedy.

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