Veterinary Medicine and Animals Assignment

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Veterinarian Imagine a career where you can contribute to the well-being of the creatures on this planet that can’t help themselves; a career where the work Is rewarding and where you get to work with animals. That’s the career I have: I’m a veterinarian. I decided to become a veterinarian because I grew up on a farm where I loved taking care of animals. Vive always had pets and helping them I knew, was my passion. The experience I remember the most was a time when one of our horses on the farm hurt his foot, I helped him and wrapped his foot, the feeling I got because I helped an animal felt amazing.

I knew then that being a vet was my goal in life. When you are a veterinarian you see a lot of different problems that affect animals. Animals need to be examined for checkups to make sure that they are doing well. Also another thing is that animals need to get vaccinated to keep them from scary diseases. It is also very important for you to treat sick animals with medicine and surgery if they need it. Veterinarians get to help animals who really can’t verbally say “Help me!! ” I mean wouldn’t It be awesome If they could?

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However, Animals can communicate with looks, thumping their tails, purring, growling also communicating with their owners. It Is amazing how communication between them and I doesn’t have to be verbal words; In one case where I was helping a dog that broke his bone and at the end of the treatment I could of sworn I saw him say “Thank you” to me in his own friendly way , it was such a great feeling. Veterinarians enjoy working with animals and are driven by their love for them. It is a rewarding career in many ways.

The requirements for this rarer are in most cases four years of college and four years of veterinary school. Besides being responsible and working well with animals, a veterinarian should also be a critical listener and an active thinker. Listening is such a big part of this profession because without listening you lose a lot of valuable information. For example a pet owner was worried about their dog and when the pet owner told me about the dog’s symptoms I knew right away what the dog had, this is such a huge Importance of this career.

A veterinarian must work quickly to save an animal’s life. For example; when someone hit a deer we rescued that deer, we had so little time but in that time we helped perform surgery and before we knew it he was all good to go. Be prepared to study biology, chemistry, physics, nutrition, and animal science. Math and science is also important, and if you can volunteer at your local animal shelter or animal hospital. The level of difficulty of getting into a veterinary college is competitive and the students with good grades usually get in over the ones with bad radars.

After you graduate you take an exam and if you pass the test you become a certified veterinarian. These are the qualifications you need to become a Veterinarian. The pre veterinary school that I attended was Princeton and I got my doctor of Veterinary medicine at US DAVIS. The cost of veterinary school varies for the school that you chose. I thought these schools where great choices for me because they offered top programs for becoming a veterinarian. Some of you might be wondering what the difference between veterinary school and medical school Is; the eloping the well-being of humans and veterinary school helps animals.

The average salary for veterinarians is between 62,000 dollars and 104,000 dollars. A veterinarian must update their education for a couple hours every 6 or 7 months, it is required to maintain your license, there is many different options such as doing it online, or in person. There are different types of veterinary specializations. In the rural area of Profiterole veterinarian make about 50,000 to 100,000 dollars. I have been working for about ten years. I love being a veterinarian.

I specialize in mixed animals. The types of specializations are small animals, large animals, small animals, mixed animals, large animals, and horses. I love the animals I help. There is so much more veterinary work ten years from now because it is always going to be needed. If you love animals, and would enjoy helping those live better lives, if you love biology and discovering how the bodies of animals work, if you enjoy learning new medical technology, then you should consider becoming a veterinarian.

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