Vehicular Pollution Assignment

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Causes of vehicular pollution ; High vehicle density in Indian urban centers. ; old vehicle the predominant old vehicles. ; inadequate inspection and maintenance facilities. ; predominance oft-stroke two wheelers. ; Adulteration of fuel and fuel products. ; Improper traffic management system and road conditions. ; High levels of pollution at traffic intersections. Effective mass rapid transport systems and inter-city rail network ; absence. ; High population exodus to urban centers. Pollution generated Major pollutants emitted include:

O Hydrocarbons: this class is made up of unburned or partially burned fuel, and a major contributor to urban smog as well as being toxic. He liver damage and even cancer can be. O nitrogen (Knox) Oxides: These are generated when nitrogen in the air, high temperature and pressure conditions inside the engine to react with oxygen. Knox emissions contribute to both smog and acid rain. O Carbon (CO) Monoxide: a product of incomplete combustion, carbon monoxide reduces the blood’s oxygen carrying capacity and is dangerous for people with heart disease.

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O Carbon oxide (CO) emissions of carbon dioxide as its role in global warming is a growing concern as a greenhouse gas than is apparent. O particulates. Micrometer-sized particles. O sulfur oxide (sox) sulfur, mostly sulfur dioxide and oxides of coal or crude oil sulfur trioxide general term for anything. Pollution from vehicles, cough, headache, nausea, eye irritation, various bronchial problems and visibility problems are discovered through such ; 99. 4 percent of all pollutant gases are invisible symptoms. emissions release a car even when it stands still other fumes from gasoline and lubricants evaporate into the air. Precautions to be taken to reduce vehicle pollution We dramatically reduce the amount of pollution from vehicles in actual use until + throw, or a large amount we drive, smog-free air will continue to elude many cities to cut back on. Hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides emissions control to reduce ozone levels in most urban areas the most promising strategy. Only to ensure healthy air + clearly to reduce our use of cars or fuels that are inherently cleaner than conventional gasoline switch.

Our cars + , is necessary, while many are harmful to the environment. Auto emissions, air pollution in cities (especially ozone smog) account for about 60%. PUC such as reformulated gasoline and a variety of inspection and maintenance programs to reduce emissions have been introduced in the areas. These programs, however, are only short-term solution to the problem. If the car is leaking fluid, it can contaminate Water and soil. Regular maintenance of automobiles used motor oil, used antifreeze, tires and other waste as other hazardous waste creates.

It is important that we state and municipal environmental regulations for disposal of waste in accordance with. Our environment to reduce the impact of driving a car Walk, ride a bicycle, use public transportation or carpool whenever possible. Driving less, surprisingly not the best vehicle to reduce pollution. If we need to buy a car, we have the size / category purchase the most fuel efficient model is considered. S/ the changing lubricants brand and more importantly make sure that we recommended grade of oil to use as SSW 10. Never the wrong grade of oil to use. Good, efficient working condition of your car maintenance to reduce air and water pollution. Auto emissions 80% less than 30% come from cars. H/ our oil change only when necessary. Independent tests by Consumer Reports magazine indicate that modern motor oil changed every 7,500 miles (1 2,000 miles synthetics) or gaps in automakers have suggested, is more than adequate in most driving conditions. Also 100% synthetic motor oil using your vehicle to extend drain intervals to consider. V” recycle used motor oil. 140 million gallons of used motor oil each year end up in our landfills.

When we take our oil to a recycling place, we have a tight fitting cap to a fair re-use disposable containers should be ensured. X/ New cars are cleaner than ever, but we have more of them every year. Vehicle maintenance is required to lower emissions. A singe recent model year car that is badly out of tune as some brand new cars as hundreds of smog pollution can produce more of! Support emissions inspection programs in your state, please. V’ establish meet of public transport reduces pollution and energy consumption, less pollution and that ultimately, more energy means lower prices for everyone.

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