The volcanoes of the world are magnificent Assignment

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Like he majority of African volcanoes, is associated with the East African Rift and is part Of Africans Varying Volcanic Chain. This mountain chain is one Of Africans most prominent geologic features (“Marooning Volcano, Democratic Republic of the Congo”). With a summit elevation of 1 1 ,365 feet, Marooning towers over its neighboring volcano, Malignity, and all of the other surrounding volcanoes (“Marooning Volcanic Eruption Marooning is a streptococcal, also know as a composite cone volcano. A streptococcal is a tall, steep-sloped, nearly symmetrical volcanic structure.

Its antiseptic lava is mainly deposited from one enormous central vent. Typically, extraneousness are the most violent type of volcano. Mount Marooning is no exception. Raging fires, fierce tremors, plumes of smoke, and viscous lava flows that can range from one to one-hundred feet wide are all traits of a Mount Marooning eruption. The volcano often spews dust and ash. It is even known sometimes to emit sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere. The large amount of debris in the air at times causes major health problems to the people and wildlife dwelling in the region (“Skies”).

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Mount Marooning has been very active for at least the last 1 50 years. The 1 , 200 meter wide crater contains benches, which mark previous lava lake levels (“Marooning, Democratic Republic of Congo-Zaire”). A lava lake is formed when hot, liquid lava becomes trapped in a depression, or crater formed by an active volcano. A lava lake can be totally melted, but it can also be either partially or fully solidified. Lava lakes usually solidify, or harden, “from the top down and from the bottom up” (“Lava Lakes”).

Sometimes a lava lake can take up to thirty years to harden, and they can be up to 400 feet pep Lava Lakes”). From 1894 to 1 977, a crater at the summit of Marooning contained a wide lava lake. On January 10, 1 977, the lava lake abruptly drained from fissures in the face of the volcano. The lava traveled toward the nearest city of Coma at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. Several people were killed, and all of the nearby towns were devastated. The lava lake drained in less than one hour. Again, lava lake activity continued from June 1 982 to early 1983.

In 1 994, part of the crater was filled with a lava lake once again. The 1 30-foot lake sent lava ore than 2,600 feet down the mountainside (“Marooning, Democratic Republic of Congo-Zaire”). The most recent eruption of Mount Marooning had a shocking effect. On January 17, 2002, Marooning erupted with remarkable power. There were strong earth tremors about every fifty seconds at the beginning of the eruption. They did not diminish until the next day. Lava spouted out of the southern side of the volcano and traveled at about 1. 2 tool . 8 kilometers per hour (“Marooning, Democratic Republic of the Congo”).

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