The Causes of Pollution and the Effects Assignment

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Non-point means there are several sources of run-off, point comes from direct sources, ND environmental comes from air and ecological systems in and around the lake. With all of the pollution, it is hurting the people and the economy of sake Huron. The largest part of the pollution problem is non-point. When it rains, water from farms carries bacteria and viruses into the lake. Pesticides contain chemicals that are not good for the environment. Animals defecate on the land and rain washes it into the lake, it adds any diseases that the animals had into the water.

People wash cars with soap and then rinse them. Chemicals in suds and bacteria from dirt, which also contain heavy metals, ND up in the water. Motor oil is a contaminate that causes pollution in Lake Huron. Cars leak oil and rainwater washes it into the lake. Oil does not dissolve in water and sticks to everything. “One quart of motor oil can pollute 250,000 gallons of water, and one gallon of gasoline can pollute 750,000 gallons of Run-off pollution counts for a large portion of the pollution in Lake Huron. Figure 2: Non-point source pollution includes many activities that occur around lakes.

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These activities can be difficult to manage effectively yet may have extremely harmful impacts on lake water quality. The second leading cause of pollution is point source. Point source pollution is easier to trace back because it has stable sources like industrial waste. Factories dispose waste products leftover from processes of the product being made, into the lake and that puts dangerous chemicals into the water supply. Even though there have been tougher laws about how factories dump the waste there can be more done about the pollution.

Sewage and power plants need better regulations. Lake Huron is a major drinking water source so chemicals are a major concern. Rusted septic tanks are another point source. When the tanks are weakened, they leak fecal matter and cleaning chemicals used in sinks and toilets leak into the lake. Point source polluters can be prevented by stricter laws and regulations. Exotic species that has been introduced into Lake Huron is a contributing cause of pollution (Michigan. Gob). The Zebra Mussel is an example of an exotic species that has disrupted the environment of Lake Huron.

Mussels’ filter the water and small forms of zooplankton are removed which are at the base of the food chain. Mussel species “are trapping nutrients on the bottom of Lake Huron” (Michigan. Gob, 2010). Viral hemorrhagic skepticism (VS.), which is a virus native to Europe, was found in Chinook salmon in 2006 most likely entered from “ballast water discharges from salt-water-navigating ships” (Michigan. Gob). The Round Goby is an invasive fish that feeds heavily on mussels and are ingesting Type E botulism then the native fish eat them.

The native fish either die from botulism or they are eaten by humans. The Garlic Mustard plant is “one of the most invasive exotic plants in Canada” (Lakehurst. Ca). The garlic mustard is toxic to butterflies which are an important part of the ecosystem. There are many non-native and invasive lands, fish, and mollusks that are taking over Lake Huron. Invasive plant species such as garlic mustard Atmospheric changes are also a contributing cause to the pollution of Lake Huron. There are several chemicals in the air of the lake.

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (RAH) which is found in burning wood for heat. Polycarbonate Dibbled Dioxin (PACED) and Polycarbonate Dibbled Furans (PACED) are from Municipal waste and wood burning. Benzene emissions are found around the major roadways. Disintermediation emissions are from point sources like dry cleaners. Cadmium and Arsenic emissions are the “result of base metal melting and refining activities (GAG, 1988)” (pennyroyal. Org). Chemicals in the air spell big trouble for plants, wildlife, and life in the water.

This map shows the location of several sinkholes in Lake Huron. The lake is represented by the colored area, which changes from red to blue with increasing depth. -courtesy National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ‘Great Lakes Environ mental Research Laboratory There are many effects on the economy at Lake Huron. Clean up takes a lot of money. Depending on the cause of pollution, special equipment has to be brought in to clean up the chemicals. Water run-off is hard to control but things can be done. Tighter regulations are needed.

Research is needed to find out what non-chemicals will be used instead of pesticides the farmers use now. Water filters need to be built better to filter water from Lake Huron for drinking. This is to be done to filter animal wastes. The filter costs a lot of money that will have to be raised because the towns and cities do not have the money. Fish dying off from pollution is affecting charter boat businesses. Without native fish, people are not chartering boats for fishing. Several chartering businesses eave closed down which effects the economy.

When vacationers do not come, there will be less money moving in the economy. The less money, property values go down, people have to move to where jobs are. There is a lot of pollution, it has to be cleaned up so that businesses continue making money and paying taxes. Though the pollution fix is expensive, it will save and create money in the future. The causes of pollution in Lake Huron are taking a toll on people. People are eating fish with high Mercury levels which is poisoning them. Pollution is killing the fish and that in itself is killing the livelihood of he residents.

They have to move and learn a new set of skills to be used in another career. The beaches are very dangerous with all of the chemicals that are in the sands and water. With the beaches shut down, the residents and vacationers stay home and no money is being spent. A lot of the effects on the people go right along with the effects on the economy of Lake Huron. Pollution causes a lot of problems in Lake Huron. There are three categories Of pollution they are point sources, non-point sources, and environmental. Each of the types of pollution causes bad effects in and around Lake Huron.

The effects for the economy are the loss of businesses and pollution clean-up costs the government a lot of money. The effects on the people of Lake Huron are also not very good. People are getting sick from the chemical pollution in the water. Native plants and animals are disappearing because of the invading species from other places. The pollution needs to be cleaned up so it does not continue to cause bad effects.

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