Taking Nursing as Second Course Assignment

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Everybody has a second chance to live and enjoy life. That is why people nowadays are not contented on what they have to choose concerning their career or education. Everyday, more and more people are deciding to make profound change in their life, by changing careers and going into nursing. People are doing so from all walks of life ??? blue-collar workers, attorneys, business owners, accountants, and even doctors. Moreover, they are doing it for lots of different reasons.

Some are not satisfied with what they took up in their first course. Others are simply burned out by what they are doing and see nursing as an attractive alternative. Some are taking up nursing thingking that it was the easiest way to earn money. Some are making change because nursing wages continue to climb and there is never a shortage of work. Lastly, some think that taking up nursing was an easy ticket to go to abroad and earn dollars. How about the freshly graduates? Nursing coursers are booming now in the Philippines.

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Many highschool graduates are taking up nursing. Parents are pushing their children to take up nursing in the hope that they would be able to get a job in the U. S. and earn a lot of money. Even if these children have no real aptitude or inclination to take up the nursing course, they are taking it just because it is apparently a good way to get a U. S. based job and lots of dollar remittances. As it stands right now, most students take up nursing without much heart into it.

Others really want to become accountants, engineers, lawyers and other profession but was forced to take up nursing in the hopes of becoming rich and making it big abroad like the others that have testified in advertisements from nursing schools. Others are influenced by their parents as a get-rich quick scheme to lift their families from poverty line. Only few highschool graduates are taking up nursing because they really want to and they feel it was their calling.

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