Stop Global Warming Assignment

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To save carbon dioxide we should use regrettable thermostats that will automatically lower our heating and air conditioning units. Keep filters clean or replacing them regular on furnaces and air conditioners could also save carbon dioxide. We could use energy efficient appliances in Our homes to save on energy. Another thing that we can do stop global warming is carpooling. Carpooling can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that air put into the air. We need to be more careful about leaving things on such as the television, computer, and lights. The fourth example is we need to plant trees and recycle.

If we recycle there will be less trash that has to be burned and took to the dumpster. We also need to watch what we buy. Things such as hairspray and deodorant are now made to have less of an impact on the atmosphere. Vote and influence the government with telephone calls, emails, letters, etc. Replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs has increased the mercury in homes and landfills. Fluorescent bulbs are preferred, but be sure to recycle them and not break them. If a fluorescent bulb is broken, it will release mercury into the air.

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Choosing a vegetarian food reduces agricultural water consumption and land use. Livestock causes more greenhouse gas emissions. Encourage people to recycle more by using recycle bins. Be sure to fill your dishwasher. Run your dishwasher only on a full load or wash them by hand with minimal water. This will save on carbon dioxide. Make sure you use recyclable paper. Buy locally made and grown products. This will reduce the energy required to transport your goods. Count your carbon consumption. Buy minimally packaged goods. Less packaging can reduce your garbage.

Insulate things that use energy to stay a different temperature from its environment. For example, keep your water heater insulated and use less hot water. Be energy efficient and insulate your entire home to cut down on the heating and cooling cost. Also replace old appliances. Recess appliances that you don’t need such as plug in air fresheners, instead open the windows. Unplug unused appliances. These are just a few things that we can begin to do to stop global warming. Human has the ability to destroy the planet, we can also help to protect and sustain it.

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