Speech on Global Warming Assignment

Speech on Global Warming Assignment Words: 480

We don’t want that to happen, so we need to take certain steps to reduce global warming. As students, we can play an important part in stopping global arming by following these two important ways to reduce emission of Green House gases. Number 1: Switch “OFF” lights and all electrical appliances when we leave the room or when not in use. This saves electricity which in turn reduces the burning of fossil fuels to produce electricity. Not only can we save the Earth, we can also save money. Number 2: Use the IRS- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Reduce usage of Paper, Plastic, newspapers, glass and aluminum by choosing reusable products instead of disposable. Also, Reuse paper, plastic and newspapers by using the blank side of a one sided printed page. And don t forget to recycle these resources! By following these steps, we can reduce up to 2,400 pounds of Carbon dioxide in the air every year. That makes a humongous difference, because if everyone does the same steps in this cohort of 300 students, we will be able to save 720,000 pounds of Carbon Dioxide per year. Appalling isn’t?

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Moving on, apart from stopping Global Warming individually, what can you students do as a school to stop global warming? Well, for a start. Students can refrain from littering or should pick up litter found on the floor. Given that litter also plays a part in Global Warming by decomposing when left exposed. When decomposition occurs, Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen are released into the air. By taking part in such activities in school, Students can reduce global warming. Like what Joe Lieberman said, “Global warming is not a conqueror to kneel before but a challenge to rise to.

A challenge We must rise to. ” Therefore, being the seniors of this school. Step up and take charge. Tell your juniors and remind your schoolmates that Global warming is a problem. Educate your fellow schoolmates about how Global warming causes depletion of the ozone layer putting many people at risk of having skin cancer. Educate your schoolmates on how Global warming is melting the ice in our polar caps causing animals living there to perish because of habitat loss and also causing rise in sea levels which triggers floods.

Educate them on how Global warming is threatening the existence of plants that depend on our climate. Don’t you want your kids, the next generation to live in a world where the temperature is not burning hot? Hence, encourage your schoolmates to reduce Global warming! Encourage them to change regular light bulbs to CFML bulbs that last ten times longer and use much lesser energy and give off 70% less heat too. Encourage hem to use the IRS- Reduce, Reduce and Recycle. Encourage them to switch of their electrical appliances when not in use.

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