Space for Rural Management in the Next Decade Assignment

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Rural Management as a PRM entrant to profession composed of bright young graduates of India – who were meritoriously successful , vigorously hardworking, willing to Join the new institute and ready to undergo the after the training and liver the first three formative years of the service career, under a re-deem able by Ford Foundation Grant to the participant upon successful completion of three years in then defined “sector’ organizations. All these experimentations were experimentations as Institute’s policy has been changing over the years .

The sacrificial service and sweat bearings of the rural management community of Its founders, “post’ program practitioners and Its faculty brings rural management to the situation as perceived variously by some of us today. As the community put our heads together as to flax for ourselves the task now what needs to e done to establish the discipline… Spaces for Rural Managements graduates Bright graduates after completion of post graduation Diploma of Rural Management had a ready service space in the world renowned Maul-ENDS conglomerate and related fraternity organizations.

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Nod’s -IRMA Rural Program in Rural Management had very high perhaps country top 5 percentile management School ranking as done by media based evaluators achieving of which was by applying Harvard-MIM management education format with sourcing many young bright fresh faculty form leading Universities of India and abroad. Position it enjoyed from its linkages with famous Maul model were used for building and making this Intellectual team commit and prepare for delivering managerial Roles to the service of rural producer organization.

As recollected In an MM working paper by Proof PRM participant DRP Currie expected 5% only to stay on within the sector -A a large chunk post PRM qualification spaces. Newer needs have also arisen out of the evolution and forward movement rural development policy and administration mechanism and refinements of the governance of Indian society. One such example is “acceptance of identity at large and, ambulation of community institutions for its own business as a tool to benefit the bottom of the pyramid and recognizing Rural Management graduates often having “techno commercial skills” in addition to management skills called Rural Managers.

Building on this if we analyses what spaces rural businesses have (and those which are will continue to permeate in to all sections of society), are the sets of organizations contributing to the development process using the business as economically empowering mechanism and aiming indirectly or directly o reduce poverty with or without profit motifs. Both the roles according to me define the path of rural transformation with spaces for rural managers.. Attempting a classification it broadly falls into two categories: 1. Those working entirely with the pro-poor businesses philosophy 2.

Those with the pure profit driven private motifs incidentally benefiting the poor classifiable as Corporate Rural Interests (Crib’s).. Both of these share an equally important role in rural transformation . And offer a dual space for rural manager for a long time- Ideally estimable until the rural urban vided ceases to exists. The above is keeping in line with Government Approach to the XII plan which positions itself as committed to Faster, Sustainable and More Inclusive Growth”- looking at the task of reducing poverty by 50%..

The approach recognizes four drivers of Indian economy titled Impact of Economic Reforms, Development of a Dynamic Private Sector, Management and Labor Skills, Aspiration Drivers which needs to be nurtured and built upon with appropriate policy interventions to achieve the desired Growth acceleration. Of these where the author sees a clear space creation opportunity for role of Rural Managers and of discipline rural management as contributing to Managing, Cataloging or Creating development changes are imaginable through: 1. Aeration of more SEEM for and Rural-poor especially in sectors of innovations in creations in rural agriculture I-and allied products supply chain, improving production efficiency , upgrading original local crafts especially in hand origin and leather , garments and gems and Jewelry sector 2. Business modeling both in consultancy and actual enterprise setting for strengthening supply as well as delivery side, 3. Doodling financial support institutions and designing capacity building of Human resources for the aspiring rural youth for both/ either of the above genres of organizations 4.

Taking forwards CRIB interests to rural areas . Specific spaces & numbers could be arrived at by a preparing a cross matrix of above genres with major basic development broad thrust areas such as Agriculture ,education, health, small and medium under manufacturing sector ,transport and management of natural resources egg. Mining producer cooperatives. ,resettlement ,rehabilitation f large project Eiders through livelihoods opportunities and so on.

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