Solar System and Strong Personality Charm Assignment

Solar System and Strong Personality Charm Assignment Words: 431

Hero is a man who has super ability in legend; is a man who often has strong personality charm. Today, I am going to talk about my hero, or I should say my heroes – EX.. EX. is a music band from Korea and China; there are 12 members, which are separated into two subgroups, EX.-K and EX.-M. Their name was taken from the word ‘explants’, a term referring to planets outside of the solar system. In their music video, each of them has a special ability, such as ice, which can freeze everything; healing ability; teleporting; flying as a dragon; mind control and so on.

I think they are heroes because they are not only good at singing and dancing and are good-looking, but also have warm hearts. They’ve done lots if social welfare activities, like charity performances, supporting orphans, also they became volunteers and worked in a canteen. All staff who work there commented, they are really easy-going and work hard. They are the kind of people who will consciously look for Jobs and finish them perfectly. They won’t waste time or be lazy. Children love them very much. ‘ What’s more, I admire their persistence and effort.

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There was a long training time for them; it’s about 4-7 years. They keep dancing, singing and learning languages about 12-13 hours everyday, even though they’ve been well known. There also always encourage their fans and tell them to never give up. EX. also have a positive influence on society. They give us energy. I made lots of amazing friends from different cities and all of them said they are encouraged by EX. and start to work harder. They also set up a lot of charities in their free time. They play with orphans, buy books and toys for them, encourage them like EX. do.

They also raise money for poor people in the name of EX.. There are 4 Chinese members; they knew very little Korean before they went to Korea. But they kept working hard; finally, they can now speak Korean like a Korean. I think this is a very good model for me to learn English, every time I am down, I will remember how EX. said never give up to us. Therefore, I cheer myself up. I think they have a very good interpretation of the old saying ‘no pain, no gain’, now I have no fears no matter what problem I face because there is EX.. Solar System and Strong Personality Charm By Cochineal

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