Soil Pollution Assignment

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One of the gravest problems existing on the earth. Well, (on the earth? ), the earth itself is getting contaminated and polluted! Collectively, aren’t we all responsible for this? The conquest of utilizing land and soil resources and conducting experiments on it, for our benefits, is quite understandable, but it certainly is not, at the cost of its health and wellness! Mankind has been trying out several different things and has made several arrangements in the soil, to make life happy and comfortable.

However, how often have we thought of contamination of soil? Its never too late in life, so I think this is the right time, to know about soil pollution causes and effects. What is soil pollution anyways? Soil pollution is defined or can be described as the contamination of soil of a particular region. Soil pollution mainly is a result Of penetration Of harmful pesticides and insecticides, which on one hand serve whatever their main purpose is, but on the other hand, bring bout deterioration in the soil quality, thus making it contaminated and unfit for use.

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Insecticides and pesticides are not to be blamed alone for soil pollution, but there are many other leading causes of soil pollution too. What causes soil pollution? Industrial wastes, such as harmful gases and chemicals, agricultural pesticides, fertilizers and insecticides are the most important causes of soil pollution. Unfavorable and harmful irrigation practices. Leakages from sanitary sewage, as you can see there are many causes to soil pollution.

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