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How are you today? Let’s start our lesson by picking pieces of garbage under our chair. Then Align your chairs properly. Keep away all the unrelated things on our subject Science. Leaders from different lines please inspect the fingernails of your member and report afterwards to the class. Energize All together let sing this song. The TOPSOIL Dance do the dance: When the chorus sings “topsoil” wave your hands above your head. On “subsoil,” wave them by your shoulders. On “bedrock,” wave them by your waistTopsoilSubsoilAndBedrockHands at the topped then the middleman the bottom all…

TopsoilSubsoilAndBedrockListen up, now, I’m goanna tell way… They call it Topicality’s it’s found at the top. Let’s a natural product of subsoil and bedrock. Let’s the best soil for growing plants. So let me see you move your body to the topsoil dance! Top Soils Chlorofluorocarbons… Sing it with Soil, Sister Brother Top Soils Chlorofluorocarbons move your hands to show me all those layers now… Top Soils Soiling Bedrock got soil! You got soil, yeah! Top Soils Soiling Bedrock that’s not all that I want you to know…

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That’s also Subsoil’s the next are downward below that is the bedrock they are not as good for growing plants,So let me see you move your body to the topsoil detonate Soils Collaborationist’s NEVER STOPS recession never stops kind and rain wear away Earth each diathesis process then continues at negatively rock on the Earth’s surface is eroding and changing day and ingression never stops! Xx(Repeat from the start)B. Review(The teacher will show an terrarium with layers of soil (topsoil, subsoil, bedrock) The layers of rock and soil are part of the beauty of your terrarium. Class, what is this? We call this one terrarium.

It is like an aquarium, but Tort plants Instead AT TLS. It Is mace In Just auto any glass container . Want does It look like? Who among you can still remember the different layers of Soil? Can someone differentiate the three? Explain each layer. What about topsoil? How about the second layer? And the last layer is what we call the . From the word itself “Bedrock” what does it meaner? Very good class! By that you prove to me that you really learned the lesson because you still remember it and you really understand the layers of soil. B. ( Teacher will provide a sound effect like a meeting De Vance) Motivation

Edelweiss, 15 to 20 years from now, if you are given a chance to become a mayor or being a public servant with any position in our government. What will be you platform in terms of environmental awareness for us to give our vote to you and choose you from the rest? Wow. I’ll Just want to recommend you to improve the tag line “Plant more trees” rather let’s have “Plant and Grow More Trees. “‘ see that you all have your own suggestions regarding the improvement and development of our community still with environmental concerns. I hope that in every decision you made be sure that it will not affects our environment and put it on danger.

Think twice, thrice on ways how to meet the development and progress without risking our environment because all of us especially You, Youth holds our future. I Good Morning Teacher Eel. We are feeling great, thank you. (The pupils will do health inspection to their fellow classmates)Yes. Ma’am(The pupils will sing and dance like waving their hands)let is an aquarium. It is planted to look like a miniature garden or forest enclosed in its own little world. The different layers of soil are topsoil, subsoil and bedrock. The first layer is Topsoil. This layer is made up of minerals and decomposed organic matter and it is also very dark in color.

This is the layer that many plants roots grow in. The second layer is the subsoil. This layer has clay and mineral deposits and less organic materials than the layers above it. This layer is also lighter in color than the layers above it. We call the last layer as the Bedrock. We call this bedrock because this is made up of slightly unbroken rock and only a little bit of organic material is found here. Plant roots are not found in this layer. If I’ll become a mayor someday I will transform farmlands into subdivision for us to have more lands in building our houses since there are lots of available lands in our country. I’ll become a mayor someday I’ll still promote the proper segregation of wastes and plant more trees to hold the water and soil. This will help to ensure eliminating landslide and mudslide. Elf I become a mayor someday I’ll let different establishment to invest in our municipal. I’ll pass an ordinance regarding the matter of regulating cutting of trees. We cannot abolish not to cut trees because we need it in everyday life but surely we can regulate it. If one cut a tree he should repay it lox because it took years to grow a tree. Illegal loggers should be punished also

The teacher will call the pupils who will raise their hands)Grade 6, read the words you arranged. Today we will encounter these words and learn what they are. We’re going to discuss the phases of matter. D. Presentation(The teacher will group the pupils into 5 groups)Now, you have your group please listen to every direction I say to avoid any accident. Please cooperate with your group mates in any activity. Today we’re going to discover the different changes of matter. (The teacher will give the instruction for the first activity. )Get the basin, funnel, ice bag and the water. Pour water to the ice Tag tongue ten Tunnel .

Nine Knot It. Now. I will collect ten Ice Tag Tanat you mace. I goanna put it in my self-made freezer where it can be an ice in Just one minute. (The teacher will put the ice bag on the self-made freezer and after one minute she will get it. )Here’s your ice. Group leader get your ice here. Take a look and observe it. Then fill up the observation sheet at your table. I (The pupils will arrange the Jumble words)l

So the liquid turn to be solid. Now, get some ice cubes here. Put it on the evaporating dish and put fire to the alcohol lamp. Be careful in using the lamp. Observe what will happen to the ice cubes. Write it to your observation sheet. What happen to the ice? What state of matter the water is? What change happened to the ice? I The water turned to ice. The water is example of liquid. An ice is a liquid. Let changes from liquid to solid. Len liquid the molecules are arrange relatively apart from each other. The temperature inside the freezer decrease/ It’s cold.

Because of the cold temperature the molecules move close to each other thus the water turned to be an ice. (The group leader will get some ice cubes. )(The pupils will do the instruction. )(The pupils will observe and write their observation. ) The ice melts and become water. Let is liquid. The ice change from solid to liquid. I The change from solid to liquid undergoes melting. What is the temperature of the evaporating dish? How the molecules arrange in solid state? Why the ice melts when we put it to the heated evaporating dish? What append to arrangement of the molecules? For further explanation, watch this video. The teacher will play the video) Get the alcohol beside you and pour a little amount on your hand and rub it. Write your observation to your observation sheet. Did your hands feel cold? Now, did your hands feel dry? That’s because of evaporation. What change happen to the alcohol? Evaporation is change from liquid to gas. It occurs faster when the temperature is increased. How the molecules arrange in gaseous state? An increase in temperature, increase the energy of a substance molecule to escape at a faster rate. But there’s a substance like alcohol that said to be volatile.

Where they evaporate quickly when poured on an open surface at room temperature. I The temperature in the evaporating dish increase/ It’s hot. The molecules in solid are close to one another. Because the temperature increases the molecules of the ice moved relatively far apart to each other thus the ice becomes liquid. (The pupils will watch the video. )(The pupils will get the alcohol and pour a little amount to their hands)Yes. Amasses, Ma’am The alcohol change from liquid to aghast molecules are so far apart from each other that they are free to move. I Watch this video for another example of evaporation. The teacher will play the peeve. )Let’s proceed now to ten last apneas AT matter. Ґet ten tall glass Ana let me pour a hot water on it. (The teacher will pour the hot water on it)Now cover it aluminum foil then observe and write it to your observation sheet. What can you see at the aluminum foil? What is the temperature at the bottom of the glass? How about at the top part of it? What is the temperature there? That’s water droplets form through the process of condensation. When you pour the hot water on the glass What can you see? What state of matter the water droplets are?

What change happen to the vapor from the glass? Condensation is change from the gas to liquid. The heat removed during the process. The temperature decrease. ‘ have here another example of condensation. (The teacher will play a video. )lb. Generalization(The teacher will show a graphic organizer)’ have here a graphic organizer. Fill the missing box to complete the organizer. I . (The pupils will watch the video. )(The pupils will get their glass)(The pupils will do the activity and write their observation. )There are water droplets. The temperature increase/ It’s hot. The temperature decrease/ It’s cooler.

We see steam or vapor. Let’s liquid. Let change from gas or vapor to liquid. (The pupils will watch the video. ) I Phases of Matter Freezing Melting Evaporation Condensation That undergoes changes such as LIQUID SOLID I Phases of Matter Freezing Melting Evaporation Condensation Freezing Melting Evaporation Condensation From gas to solid From gas to solo From liquid to gas From solid to liquid From liquid to solid V. Application(The teacher will ask the pupils to post their observation sheet on the board)What changes happened to the following; water, ice, alcohol and steam from to water?

Does the temperature cause a matter to change faster from one phase to another? What cause does the alcohol to evaporate easily? FL. Evaluation’s T if the sentence is correct and F if it is wrong. 1. Things in our environment change all the time. 2. All substance needs long period of time to evaporate. 3. Only the liquid and solid phases of matter can change from one phase to another. Phase. 4. When water boils, water changes from liquid phase to solid 5. Water boils at CO the liquid phase to gaseous phase. 6. When water condenses; it is a change from 7. Liquids solidify when temperature decrease. . By changing the temperature 8.

Water evaporates at ICC of matter you may change the state of matter. 10. You see droplets of water outside the glass of cold water because the water vapor condenses. I (The pupils will post their worksheet)The changes happened are the water turn to ice because of freezing, the ice turn to water through the process of melting, the alcohol turn to gas through evaporation and the steam turn to water drops because of condensation. Yes, temperature is needed to take every changes. Increase in temperature is needed in evaporation and melting and as the temperature decrease reeking and condensation takes place.

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