Positive mental health in children & adolescent Assignment

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Positive mental health is a state of wellbeing in which we realize our abilities, can cope with life’s normal stresses & uncertainties and can work regularly & productively. It’s the foundation for person’s effective functioning, learning, emotional expression, forming good relationship with others, and not merely the absence of diagnosable psychiatric disorders. Child & adolescents are future of our society. But they are also considered weaker both physically & cognitively. So we have a tendency to decide on behalf of them.

In this context we need to review our ideological session. Historically laws across the world do not allow children equal position in decision making as per adults. Hence the Justification of child rights movement arises, which claims child as a separate individual, not a sub-person, and have equal rights in every aspect along with education, nurture, care & protection etc. These benefits not dependent on others sympathy or good will, those are their rights. Consequently, children should have right to make choices & informed decisions.

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Not merely the ‘sense of ownership’, child must also have the ‘sense of agency of any action or decision, which is the mastery of initiating, controlling & executing one’s own decision or action. Hence it’s our responsibility to provide the holding environment & nurture that empower our young ones with the reflectivity, thinking & morality to reach that efficiency. It also develops positive self-concept or identity, which is collection of beliefs about oneself or self-esteem that is evaluative and opinionated view of these beliefs.

Parenting practices can affect these parameters handsomely. Among the four classical parenting styles, authoritative, hardhearted by both high parental emotional responsiveness & behavioral expectations considered to be most effective in producing happy & successful kids. Authoritarian style differs in having low emotional responsiveness, which can result in less happiness & social competence in kids. Permissive style results in lack of behavioral regulation with high parental emotionality.

Neglectful style, with both the parameters on the lower side, can have the worst outcome. Things may not be as straight. Child’s ability & temperament, attitude can also influence parenting styles. The goodness of fit is most important. It’s better to avoid ‘conflict in parenting also, so that confusing instruction can’t disturb the child’s development. Spending quality time with the child can improve parent-child bond, which is a protective factor leading to resilience in the child.

Parents being first hero of child’s life, on whom the child counts on, should also modify their own behaviors in such a way that child can model them. Also immediate environment, neighborhoods & school along with peer group can exert sizable influence. Hence along with parental supervision, school & immunity based large scale intervention program can have positive influence in developing positive mental health in children. Cognitive-skills & life -skills are also instrumental for a child’s resilience to stress.

Life- skill training such as assertiveness, social perspective taking, problem solving, conflict resolution, and peer-handling can also De very setup to tons end. Escalation & engagement In many extracurricular activities & pro-social group activities like music, painting, exercises, outdoor games, drama, social service etc. , can play a protective role in a child & increase his inference. There is no denying the fact that individual characteristics like intelligence & easy temperament can also promote resilience.

Development of regular eating & sleeping habit, avoidance of addition, reduction of expectation from self & others, positive peer-network can also be helpful in achieving positive mental health in children & adolescents. If we like to change psychiatrists’ role to developers of a stronger mind & a better future society from current maintenance role of mending the minds, we have to shift our attention to positive mental health, specially that of children & adolescents.

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