Pollution on the High Seas Assignment

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The most cost effective and simplest solution to this robber is to have shipping companies Start using altered bunker fuel which will reduce the nitrogen-oxide emissions effectively reducing air pollution and having the quickest positive impact on the environment. It has been proven that companies that have developed a Corporate Social Responsibility program are more profitable than those who don’t have a CARS. The International Maritime Organization is responsible for setting guidelines for shipping companies to follow, however the guidelines are very difficult to enforce.

Introduction Many cargo and cruise ships face environmental challenges within their equines functions. There is the social and ethical responsibility of protecting the environment along with providing cost effective sea faring transportation services. Ships using bunker fuel are creating large amounts of nitrous-oxide emissions which pollute the air, high-grade fuel is available which burns cleaner but is more expensive than bunker fuel. Key Issues Issue 1: Lack of regulation and the ability to enforce environmental protection laws in the sea faring cargo shipping and luxury cruise liner industries is affecting the environment.

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Environmental agencies are very concerned that the damage o the environment will dramatically escalate. “In 1990 land based sulfur dioxide emissions in Europe were about 1 0 times higher than sea- based emissions; by 2030, sea-based emissions will exceed land-based emissions” (Griffin, Bert, Starker ; Lang, 201 1 p. 102). Inspections of ships should be conducted to ensure conformity to the International Marine Organization standards. Violators against the regulations should be penalized.

Although cruise lines and cargo shipping are different industries, they both need to share the same social responsibility in protecting the environment. Regardless of the industry there needs to be a common commitment to protecting the environment. The following is the environmental policy of Markers Line. (Internet, Markers Line). Our environmental policy In Markers Line we believe container shipping is about creating real and long lasting opportunities and we advocate a balanced, sustainable approach to our business.

Although moving goods by sea is the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, we acknowledge that our energy consumption and emissions as a container shipping line are significant. Therefore Markers Line aim to make containers transportation even more environmentally friendly and cost efficient by continuing to work with and engage all of our stakeholders. For Markers Line, protecting the environment is a question of constant care – in the way we use resources, optimism operations and handle waste.

Operating vessels in an environmentally sound manner requires a balanced and sustainable approach to long-term economic growth. Our vessels are at the industry forefront in fuel efficiency and implementation of environmentally friendly technologies and we continue to explore ways to improve. Our environmental logic is developed and governed by a dedicated department in Markers Line Health, Safety, and Environment – and is deeply ingrained in the core values Of our company. The following is the Health, Environmental, Safety and Security Policy of Carnival Corporation ;PAL (Internet, Carnival Corporation).

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