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Noise pollution can cause blood pressure, palpitation, loss of concentration, headache, irritability, insomnia and other physical or mental sickness. The article also mentions that the major sources of noise pollution is the ceaseless honking, indiscriminate use of loud speakers by vendors and others and industrial activities in residential areas. A comprehensive legislation and its attentive enforcement can help bring relief to the citizen of Dacha. Article: 2 Down in the Dumps Seed Gain AY-Manhood The Daily Star July 23, 2010 Dacha has a waste disposal problem of biblical proportions.

Every day the early 1 1 million people of Dacha city produce around 3,500 tons of solid waste. Dacha City Corporation, which is understaffed and cash strapped, can only collect half of the garbage while the rest is left to rot in the heat and humidity in different parts of the capital. Mutual is Dacha’s garbage dump – a rotting, stinking mountain of waste. The majority of the trash that does get collected ends up at the massive Mutual dump, a 50-acre pile of debris that is already nearing capacity.

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According to Waste Concern (a Bangladesh MONGO), 80 percent of the city’s waste is comprised of organic matter, and the rotten airbag releases copious amounts of methane – a greenhouse gas 20 times more destructive than carbon dioxide. The authorities can be criticized for dumping all these wastes on open landfill as the release of harmful gases are causing pollution and creating health hazards. The article also holds up the story of a family, like many others, who depend on this trash as a source of food and recyclables.

Such families are severely vulnerable to health risks. Moreover, seeking to open landfill dumping on the two sites of this mega-city, Mutual and Amphibian is not a sustainable solution as both the sites are nearing capacity. However, social entrepreneurs (like Waste Concern) today are looking towards waste as a resource. The transformation of trash to fertilizer is solving two problems at once. This way a value is added to the waste itself and is being used to address the need of farmers to get a cheap organic way to support crops and reinvigorate their top soil.

It also gives a formal employment to the ‘rag pickers’ of the city. Waste Concern initially set up a number of community-based composting centers in the city and launched a fleet of rickshaw vans taking waste to the collection centers from households that pay a small fee to have their overflowing bins emptied. Soon, the “rag pickers” of Dacha were getting formal employment. The first plant at Bulla, near Marooning, has opened, handling 1 30 tones a day, and three more are planned.

Article: 3 Sustainable Environment: Challenges Ahead Pink Roy Deputy Chief Reporter 20th Anniversary Special, part VI Thursday, March 31, 2011 The article starts on the note that out of all the things that need urgent attention of the Bangladesh government, the pollution scenario of the country is a top priority. In order to make this country livable for the next generation, the key challenge is to improve the environmental conditions. The population of the country has been doubled since the country was independent in 1 971. But country’s overall environment had been ruined manifold during this time.

The quality of soil has deteriorated due to excessive use of agrochemicals, unplanned land use, undesirable encroachment on forest areas for agriculture to grow more crops to meet the demands of growing population. In the last four decades the country experienced a massive environmental degradation as different economic development activities took place here. Now Bangladesh is a name first to be uttered at any international forum as he combination of country’s geographic location, climate and size of population making it a showcase of vulnerability caused by the global warming.

For Bangladesh the climate change is not a threat anymore. It is a reality here. Many say, Bangladesh has already become the showcase of impacts of climate change, the biggest challenge ever faced in the history of mankind. We demand compensations from the developed nation as they have emitted carbons into the atmosphere and caused global warming. But, what about our practice at home? What actions are taken against the polluters who have polluted all our surface waters by dumping liquid waste? How much the people of this country did really care about this environment in the last decade?

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