Pollution Assignment

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Know major federal legislation 972 Clean Water Act: Provided money for treatment plants. Encourages innovative technology for cleaning water 1974 federal safe drinking water Act: Aims to provide all Americans with safe drinking water. Sets contaminant levels. 1980 Comprehensive Environmental response compensation and liability act: Established the super fund to clean up hazardous waste disposal sites * 1984 Hazardous and solid waste Amendment to resound:e conservation and recovery act: regulate gasoline gasoline storage tanks. * 1987 water quality act: Establish national policy to control nonprofit sources f water pollution. Velveteen of state management plans. 14. What is the main problem with solid waste (garbage) in the u. S? 15. What is the main source of solid waste that enters landfills? Paper 16. What is the main municipal source? 17. Know how a sanitary landfill is contracted. Http://www. Google. Com/emigres? Miguel=http://www. Belittlement’s. Com/ images/ingle_a individualism. Jpg=http:// www. Belittlement’s. Com/ landfill. 18. What strategies reduce the volume of solid waste? Reduce the sources, recycle, reuse 19. What are the benefits Of recycling?

Conserve for energy, and don’t waste raw materials that are not unlimited. 20. What materials is it most advantageous to recycle? Why? Plastic and aluminum because they save a tremendous amount of energy and takes awhile to decomposed. * In 2010, 14 million plastic containers were sold in the U. S In states like California with a 5 or 10 cent refund deposit on beverage containers the rate of recycling those containers averages in states without the refund deposit the recycling rate is 30%. How many more plastic containers are recycled with a refund than without?

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