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There are many negative effects caused by pollution. According to (Markham, 1994), pollution has always existed since the appearance of our earliest ancestors. He further stated that as the population increase, the types of bacteria and disease also increase. The polluted beaches around Malaysia can serve as a solid proof. According to (Lee et al. , 2012) , “a study done by Stranding (1997) reported that the mean fecal chloroform counts of water samples from Telex Keenan and Blue Lagoon have exceeded the the Interim Marine Water Quality standards (MIMES). The beaches in Malaysia are also polluted with garbage ranging from used toiletries to rusted nails which can physically affect innocent suitors. On the other hand, automobiles are one of the largest contributors to air pollution. These vehicles produce gases such as carbon monoxide that will lead to many environmental problems and contaminate the air with many other air toxins which can be fatal to humans. However, by putting the technology developed in use, one can easily reduce the effects of pollution.

One of the ways to reduce water pollution caused by disposal of waste into rivers or any other natural water sources is by practicing the OR, reduce, reuse and recycle. This solution can be implemented by having various mass Edie to spread the importance of reducing pollution throughout the country. Eventually, citizens will start practicing this technique and make it as a habit. The outcome of this solution would be a cleaner water source and a more environment-conscious society can be born.

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The practice of this method has been proven to be effective in various other countries around the globe. “Manufacturing products from recycled paper reduces water pollution by 35% and air pollutants by 73%”, (“Reasons to recycle,” n. D. ). A good solution to reducing air pollution is by installing catalytic converters in ears at urban areas. Titanium dioxide in catalytic converters acts like a photo catalyst which breaks down nitrogen oxides and other pollutants in the presence of sunlight (“self-cleaning’ pollution-control tech oenology could do more harm than good, study suggests,” 2013).

This solution can be implemented by pre-installing the catalytic converter in cars before being purchased by other buyers. Humans have the responsibility protect the environment from pollution because humans have been exploiting Mother Nature mercilessly for their comfort. The government can also help reduce he financial burden of buyers by covering the expenses of pre-installing a ca Atlantic con vertex. In conclusion, pollution can be dealt with the help of advanced technology.

After all, pollution is an issue that has been known for a long time and people have since been finding ways to help reduce it. What humans can accomplish today is due to the hard work of our ancestors and their efforts should not be wasted. “In 1 970, Congress passes the Clean Air Act, setting up the Environmental Protection Agency as the government organization for minimizing the nation’s air pollution”, (Johnson, n. D. ). All in all, humans should really cooperate with each other in order to implement more solid solutions to deal with this major crisis once and for all.

Perhaps one day the dream of living in a pollution-free environment may be fulfilled.

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