Pollution and Its Effects Assignment

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One of the biggest factors that we face in today’s world is Global Warming. The definition of global warming is exactly how it sounds. The trends that the world are going through today by sending pollution into the earth’s atmosphere and tearing down the ozone layer causes global warming. When the ozone layer becomes weaker it enables the rays of the sun to become more powerful which causes the temperatures to rise throughout the globe. If the global temperature continues to rise the earth’s population will have to endure and face temperatures that are extremely unhealthy.

Along with unsafe temperatures the world would have to endure glaciers and ice bergs to melt which would cause a drastic rise in the sea level. When ice bergs break Off an into the ocean sometimes all it will do is cause a rise in the sea level, but it can also cause other things such as tropical storms. A rise in sea level also results in more clouds which scientist believe it may cause a shield and keep all the heat trapped in the earth which will make temperatures rise even more.

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Other scientists believe that a shield will keep the sun rays out which will cause an “ice age” effect. Whichever of these theories that are true would be very detrimental to the world. One of the biggest factors that contribute to global warming is the continuous production of coals in America. In order to make coal it would take 3. 5 million pounds of explosive a day to be blasted on the mountain tops. These blasts alone release so many pollutants and poisons in the air the population breathes.

In Chicago here is a coal factory that is said to kill 40 people a year due to the poisons that are produced in the air and in the water in that community. In these specific county’s there are a number of deaths that are related to these coal factories and the way they operate. The number or people with asthma, miscarriages, and cancer are well above the average rate in Chicago. There have been a number of rallies and protest in Chicago in hopes to shut down such coal plants as these that are killing their community.

The neighboring immunities of these coal plants are having an immediate negative effect because of all the pollution that is let out into the air, but these same factories are also destroying the earth and is one of the greatest factors in contributing to global warming. In today’s society it is hard to determine what is a moral issue these days. One would automatically assume since these factories are the direct cause for cancer and a lot of premature deaths that they should be shut down. For these reasons would say that the way these coal factories operate is immoral.

I think most organizations that put money first over the safety of human beings are not morally correct. Since there is so much money to be made in the coal business it would be hard to just shut such an operation down. It is also very inexpensive to produce these coals and to keep business operating. That is the biggest dilemma that the community is faced with. The best way to address these issues is to show that these factories are indeed killing these neigh boring communities instantly and also to show how it is affect the world with global warming.

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