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The Risk Plastic surgery is the specialized branch Of surgery concerned With repairing deformities. Correcting functional deficits, and enhancing appearance. Unlike most surgical specialties, plastic surgery is not confined to one specific area of the body. Though cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is the best known kind of plastic surgery. Lactic surgery is nor necessarily cosmetic; and includes many hypes of reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, and the treatment Of burns. Plastic surgery is sometimes necessary in a world where and sense of beauty defines the most desirable physical qualities. For people Who don’t measure up to their idea Of attractiveness, or normal looking. A lot of the times they feel alienated, they have unfailing relationships, low self. Esteem and feel trapped in their bodies. Vive seen the commercials and advertisements in the newspapers, magazines and on-line for cosmetic surgery.

A guilty pleasure Of mine is to kick at one the tabloid magazines like he Star or The Enquirer to see which celebrity had what procedure done, and in particular when the results turn out bad. Vow see it all the time, a good looking famous person for some reason or another decides to “get some work done” and come out looking like a caricature of them self or they’re just totally unrecognizable. Just like anyone else, don’t think I’m perfect, and I wish that some of my features turned out better. We thought about how would of liked to have this or that done or was just born more handsome. But we all have to play the hands we are dealt, or do we? When ministered ropey and sensibly, with a board certified plastic,’cosmetic surgeon, plastic surgery can make up for life’s shortcomings and bestow hope to the ordinary and to the injured}deformed. There really is no difference between someone changing their appearance by using makeup. Fake nails, wigs/extensions, or fake eyelashes than the person changing their appearance with plastic surgery. Or the most part, everyone wants to look their best. In America, society views on plastic surgery Will vary on who you ask. It is paradoxical the way our country as a whole views plastic surgery. On one hand there is a gig cultural shift in people’s views of acceptance and embracing plastic surgery. While on the other there is still a stigma. You will see all sorts of public figures; politicians, entertainers, executives, athletes, media figures, reality stars to the regular average person lining up for plastic surgery for many different reasons.

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The term plastic surgery has actually nothing to do with plastic at all, In the term plastic surgery, the adjective plastic denotes sculpting Or reshaping which is derived from the Greek, plastics, ‘the art Of modeling” of malleable flesh. The surgical definition of “plastic” first appeared in 1839. It predates the modern “engineering material made from petroleum” sense of plastic (coined by Leo Backplane in 1 909) by seventy years (“Plastic surgery,” 2014).

Treatments for the plastic repair Of a broken nose are first mentioned in the Edwin Smith Papyrus, a transcription of an Ancient Egyptian medical text, the oldest known treatise, dated to the Old Kingdom from 3000 to 2500 B. C. About. Com States: “It should come as no surprise that plastic surgery may be one of the worlds oldest healing arts, In fact, there is documentation of the use of surgical correcting facial injuries dating back more than 4. 000 years ago. Physicians in ancient India were utilizing skin grafts for reconstructive work as early as BOO Later, in European part of the world” (2014).

The Romans also performed plastic surgery around the first century CE such as repairing damaged ears. Most Of the Romans knowledge of plastic surgery came from Greek texts because they didn’t dissect humans or animal for religious purposes. During the early part of the sixteenth century, the Branch family in Sicily began practicing plastic surgery procedures. Including using flaps or masses Of tissue from patient’s arms to repair mutilated ears and lip’. Gasper Toxicological of Bologna, Italy, is reedited with initiating the modern era of plastic surgery during the latter half Of the sixteenth century.

After Toxicological death in 1599. Plastic surgery tailed off for almost two hundred years, in part because surgeons were unsuccessful in using donor flaps and the skin from others. Transplantation of tissue bevy. . En two people were more successful when scientist learned about the differences in blood types and immune systems, Starting in the late eighteenth century, the founding Of antiseptic standards in surgery and the almost coincident discovery of anesthesia made surgical procedures of all hypes much safer and more tolerable for patients.

These improvements in medical technology allowed surgeons to perform more and more complicated procedures. And in the nineteenth century, the first true cosmetic surgeries, including breast augmentations and reincorporates, were performed. The first American plastic surgeon was John Peter Mature, Who. In 1827. Performed the first cleft-palate operation with instruments that he designed himself, Johann Frederica Differences wrote a comprehensive text on rhinestones, entitled Operative Chirurgic. And introduced the concept of reparation to improve he cosmetic appearance of the reconstructed nose (“Plastic surgery,” 2014).

Sir Harold Gilles, a New Zealand audiologist’s developed many techniques of modern facial surgery while gang for soldiers with disfiguring facial injuries during the First World War. Sir Harold Gilles is considered the father Of modern plastic surgery. In the twentieth century, the battlefields Of two world wars proved to be beneficial for the improvement of new techniques in plastic surgery. Surgeons were obligated to repair faces and bodies that had been brutally damaged by warfare and allow badly wounded soldiers to turn to their regular lives. Find work, and rejoin their families and communities.

As time went on, these innovative techniques began to transfer into mainstream surgery. With the advanced techniques in plastic surgery, recovery times are shorter and the procedures are safer. Quicker, and cheaper. Some advantages of plastic surgery besides cosmetic reasons include hope for a more normal life. Relief from pain, weight loss, better breathing, better self-image, help Hit recovery from illness or accident helps attract a mate. Hellos with job, correct a birth defect. Erase mistakes, a better umber of surgical and nonsensical procedures performed in the United states (2013 cosmetic surgery STATS, 2014. . 9). In 2012 there were a total of 5,612,549 procedures ROR reconstructive plastic surgery, mostly for tumor removal (2012 Plastic surgery STATS. 2013). In 2013 there were procedures for cosmetic surgical and nonsensical procedures, with Liposuction and Botulism toxin topping the list respectively (2013 Cosmetic Surgery STATS, 2014, b In 2012 the top five reconstructive plastic surgeries were: Tumor removal (including skin cancer), laceration repair, monomaniacal surgery, scar revision and hand surgery (2012 Plastic Surgery STATS, 2013).

SOAPS 2013 Statistics report: In 2013 women had more than 10. 3 million cosmetic procedures, 90. 6% of the total. The top five surgical procedures for women were: breast augmentation. Liposuction. Abdominally, breast lift and polyphosphate. The top five nonsensical procedures for worsen were: Botulism toxin injections, Hallucinatory acid injections, hair removal (laser or pulsed light). Microorganisms and photojournalism Men had more than I million cosmetic procedures, 9. 4% Of the total. The top five surgical procedures for men were: liposuction, polyphosphate, rhinestones. El breast reduction and Toothpaste. The top five nonsensical procedures for men were: Botulism toxin injections, Hallucinatory acid injections, hair removal (laser or pulsed light), photojournalism and nonsensical skin tightening. People age 35-50 had the most procedures in 2013 of the total; peoples age 51-64 had 30%; age 19-34 had 18%; age 65 and over had 10%; and age 18 and under had 1% of procedures. Caucasians had approximately 78% of all cosmetic procedures. Racial and ethnic minorities had approximately 22% tot all cosmetic procedures: African- Americans, Asians, Hispanics. ND other annunciations. %. Where cosmetic surgeries Here performed: Office facility, SO%, hospital. 14%: and free-standing surgical center, 28%; other, In 2013 Americans spent 12% more on surgical and nonsensical procedures than they did in 2012, exceeding the ASS billion mark for the first time since 2008. Of that total, more than $7 billion was spent on surgical procedures and more than $2. 6 billion was spent on inescapable alone. Nearly IS . 9 billion was spent on skin rejuvenation, a fast-growing sector Of the aesthetic surgical industry (2014, p. 5).

The price of beauty isn’t cheap. The national average cost of the top five auricular and nonsensical procedures according to SOAPS 2013 Statistical report: Liposuction-52. 81 5. Breast augmentation-SO. 268(easiness implants) gel implants), eyelid surgery-SO,726, rummy tuck-$5,391 nose gadolinium toxins. Hallucinatory acid$ASS, hair removal SASS, Microorganisms-SASS, photojournalism-Assai (2014. P. I S). There are many different procedures to choose from if someone is serious about procedures that are available for cosmetic purposes: Skin Rejuvenation and Resurfacing.

Spider Vein Treatment, Botulism Toxin, Facial Implants, Facilitate Surgery, Eyelid Surgery, Dermal Fillers, Neck Lift, Buttock Augmentation, Breast Augmentation, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Skin Resurfacing Hair Replacement, Gynecologist, Tummy Tuck, Thigh Lift, Liposuction, Ear Surgery. Chin Surgery, Chemical Peel, Brow Lift. Body Contouring. There are other reasons besides vanity to get plastic surgery Some people have some afflictions that plastic surgery could help remedy. Reconstructive plastic surgery is to restore the normal appearance and functioning Of disfigured and/or impaired areas of the body.

Plastic surgery has sub-specialties that include guru Surgery, Chronological Surgery, Hand Surgery, Microsurgery Surgery and Pediatric Plastic Surgery. There are many different types of procedures for reconstructive plastic surgery, Some of the procedures available for reconstructive surgery: Dog bite repair, birth defect, breast implant removal, breast reconstruction, breast reduction, burn care, hand surgery, head and neck reconstruction, laceration repair, lower extremity reconstruction, monomaniacal surgery, scar revision, tumor and skin cancer removal.

A big benefit Of plastic surgery is that it can bring peace Of mind, enhance self-confidence and allow someone to live a more gratifying life. “Scientist have investigated the psychological effects of plastic surgery on approximately 550 patients. Patients demonstrated more enjoyment Of life, satisfaction and self-esteem after their physical appearance had been surgically altered” (Why people put themselves under the knife, 2013).

Studies show that attractive people or good looking people make more money than less attractive or homely people, “Averaging male and female workers, someone employed 2,000 hours per year over a work life of forty years would earn SSL . 60 million. But with below -average looks the worker would earn only SSL . 46 million, while with above-average looks. Lifetime earnings would be IS . 69 million. A 3 or 4 percent premium for good-looking workers doesn’t seem that big but placed into a lifelong framework, $230,000 extra earning for being good-looking instead of bad-looking no longer seems small” (Hammerers up. 6-47) Another benefit of plastic surgery is that it can help in the treatment for migraine headaches by having eyelid surgery. Condescension discusses in article on treatment for migraines reports: DRP, Orin Tussles, Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery at LULUS Health Sciences Center New Orleans School Of Medicine. Is part Of a team Of plastic and reconstructive surgeons who report a high success rare using a method to screen and select patients for a specific surgical migraine treatment technique.

More than 90th of the patients who underwent this surgery to decompress the nerves that trigger migraines experienced relief and also got volume after having a baby or losing weight’ it can have an impact on visual appeal, corrective surgery can do some good for them. DRP. Soled Heiress Of Cairns Plastic Surgery “believes each individual deserves their own plan of treatment and each procedure is tailored to suit each individual’s health status, expectations and lifestyle. Whether it’s a breast augmentation, stopped. Or breast-reduction, it can restore confidence and self-esteem” (Stay abreast of health and aesthetic options, 2014).

Most doctors would say plastic surgery is safe if you follow the right guidelines. DRP. Dachas Shah, a Mayo Clinic-trained board certified surgeon says “Cosmetic surgery itself actually carries very minimal risk if you put yourself in the hands of a qualified, certified cosmetic surgery specialist-someone who has trained and devoted (his or her] career to the field tot plastic and reconstructive surgery… The real risk lies not in the surgery itself, but in the serialization and inexperience Of certain surgeons” (Espies, p. 21). Roman Espresso’s book; Cosmetic Surgery. Tastes tourism is booming mainly because the prices of the surgeries in other countries can be 30 to SO percent cheaper or more, than in the united States (p. 36). The most popular destinations for cosmetic surgery are Brazil, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand 37). There are agencies that can connect Americans with surgeons in other countries for cosmetic surgery. These are just some of the benefits Of plastic surgery that I have listed: the list can go on and on. I reasonably haven’t had any plastic surgery so my personal opinion might not mean all that much.

Based on the reviews of patients who’ve had cosmetic surgery. Rennet of them were satisfied and thought it was worth it. “Realest. Com is the most visited online community tort learning about and sharing information and results for medical-beauty treatments. Dedicated to helping people make suitable and empowered elective decisions, the site features consumer reviews, worth it ratings, pricing information, and thousands Of before and after photographs that collectively tell the real Story” (2013 Cosmetic Surgery STATS, 2014, p. 9). Also there are similar reviews on relentlessness’s_com. Relentlessness’s. Mom has 100% verified ratings and reviews only from real patients. For most of the major and popular procedures. The patient’s reviews were highly favorable Or at least in the majority of favorable Some of the scores for surgical procedures are as follows: Liposuction worth it rating, breast augmentation received a worth it rating eyelid surgery 81 % worth it rating. Tummy tuck 96% north it rating and nose surgery worth it rating (“Worth it rating. ” 2014). Some of the scores for nonsensical procedures are as follows: Bottom 69% worth it dating Juvenile 69% worth it rating. Laser hair removal 72% worth it rating. Heimlich peel worth it raring and laser skin resurfacing 58% worth it a person shouldn’t get plastic surgery include the price of the procedure, risk Of infection at the incision Site, scaring, fluid buildup under skin, complications from anesthesia, painful side effects, poor clinical practice guidelines, predatory/unqualified/undifferentiated doctors, teens starting too early for procedures, inferior/unapproved products, psychologically unfit, and unrealistic expectations. You see it every day, celebrities and Other attention seekers on TV or in magazines with their overdone faces and bodies looking like anything but a real human being.

Some people go to great lengths to kick like dolls or even animals, There are all types Of shows on about people getting extreme plastic surgeries. One show in particular called Botched; it’s about plastic surgeries gone wrong. As a culture, we can’t seem to get enough of it. The swift rise of the plastic surgery industry has led to a lot of anti-plastic surgery statements being made to help fight the growth. Society today is Obsessed with the ideas Of the perfect body and the extreme assure to achieve them. It is as if we all became shallow and superficial.

It has gotten to the point that there are anti-plastic surgery groups, some groups even have some celebrities in them. Kate Winglet, Emma Thompson and Rachel Weiss have formed the ‘British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League”. Surgery can never be easy or risk free-even when the patient can afford the best care. Kenya West’s mother, Dona, 58 a former English professor died from complications following a tummy tuck and breast reduction, Stella Bassoon, 59 the first lady of Nigeria, died after a rummy tuck in a Spanish lining. Olivia Goldsmith, 54 suffered a fatal heart attack as she was being prepared for a chin tuck (Espies. . 27). It is hard to get the real number of deaths trot plastic surgery because most times the Use tot death is attributed to the immediate cause, such as heart attack, hemorrhage, infection. Or blood clot. Plastic surgery is a big business and more and more doctors are becoming plastic surgeons for the money. There are many unqualified and untrained doctors and even worse; fake doctors With no training at all. A lot or doctors out there are just regular physicians and anent been trained as a plastic surgeon or have no surgical training at all. Tactics show a rise in the number of people posing as doctors to perform buttock augmentation. And the issue is particularly pervasive in Florida, New York. Texas and California. Instead of medically safe options like fat that has been transferred from other areas of the body through liposuction: some scam artists actually inject materials like Olive Oil and super glue into a patient’s bottom (Stay safe by avoid butt gag scam, 2014), There are many people who shouldn’t get plastic surgery because their mental state sent where it should be, and then they will be setting themselves up for more disappointment. People who shouldn’t get elastic surgery: Patients in crisis, consult with surgeon after surgeon, seeking the answers they want to hear. Patients Who are Obsessed with a very minor defect, and may believe that once their defect is fixed, lire will be perfect. Patients who have a mental illness, and exhibits delusional or paranoid behavior (Body Image. Cosmetic Surgery, 2014). Most studies show that people only get marginally better looking after plastic surgery. The payoffs to plastic surgery are not great enough to justify the spending that might make one substantially more beautiful.

The cost of the improvements, both in dollar terms and pain and suffering, are too large to get people to undergo the surgery (Hammerers. 201 1 p, 33). Getting plastic surgery doesn’t always boost people’s quality of life and may experience depression. A recent analysis of 37 studies on patients’ psychological and psychosocial functioning before and after cosmetic surgery by social worker Roberta Hangman and psychiatrists Katharine Phillips, MD. And David Castle, MD. Suggests positive Outcomes in tenants, including improvements in body image and possibly a quality. Of. Life boost too.

But the same research-published in the April 2004 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery- also found several predictors Of poor outcomes, especially for those who hold unrealistic expectations or have a history Of depression and The researchers found that patients who are dissatisfied with surgery may request repeat procedures or experience depression and adjustment problems, social isolation. Family problems. Self- destructive behaviors and anger toward the surgeon and his or her staff (Espies p. 106). Poor people who don’t want to go under the knife there are some alternatives to achieve the look they desire.

Some alternatives to plastic surgery: Minimally invasive procedures, ant-aging tact creams, facial YMCA, get plenty of rest, good healthy diet. Protection from CIVIC exposure, drink plenty of water, avoid or minimize drugs, alcohol, smoking strength and toning exercises, learn to properly apply makeup and wear clothes that fit well. Once thought Of as mainly for the rich and famous. Plastic surgery is accessible to most people. Plastic surgery procedures have increased 15% to 20% each year for the last five years worldwide.

If you are considering plastic surgery, make sure you ask the right questions and find the right surgeon. Be honest vita the Surgeon and let them know if you smoke, have high blood pressure, allergies, psychological issues, what medication you may be on, and are overweight as all these conditions can affect the surgery. Some questions to ask: What State is the doctor licensed to practice surgery? Is the doctor board certified? With which board? How many years has the doctor performed this type of surgery? Does the doctor have life-saving equipment and monitoring devices? Who administers the anesthesia?

What are the risks of the procedure? What is the expected recovery for the procedure you’re cosmetic surgeon, plastic surgery can make up for laws shortcomings and bestow hope to the ordinary and the injured,’deformed.

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