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There are several types of pollution such as air, water, land, noise and light, Hough the most harmful is first three, we should not forget the noise and light even though not many of people are aware of it. According to an analysis of World Health Organization 6400 people dies in Mexico City because of reasons related to air pollution every year. In addition, the researches have showed that noise pollution is increasing the stress illness possibility, high blood pressure speech interference, hearing loss.

Probably the most frightening type of waste is radioactive, because of its properties. It stays dangerous for thousands of years and has to be stored in facial containers. Also in case of accidents, people living in area can be exposed in radiation, which can cause instant death if high dose has been absorbed or in a longer time increased risk of developing a cancer. Power generation pollution Due to the latest research power, also called electricity, generation is causing the biggest amount of pollution production.

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Burning such resources as coal and oil United States produce around 250 million metric tones of carbon dioxide every year and was the leader until 2007, despite the fact that it constitutes less than 5% of world’s population. However, as of 2007 China has overtaken US as the biggest producer of CA. Furthermore, we are living in world where consumption of physics – pop dye Prometheus There is ways to p! Supplied for your home pollution.

DeВ??Viet the fall resources ant also the t’ causes major Impact on There dare several relish the most harmful though not many of poof 6400 people photon every’ year In a its properties, It stays dad special containers Also radiation can coo longer time Increased Pa. Ever generation pollution Due The latest research biggest amount of pollute united States produce al Ann erne leader until world’s population. Homo reducer if CA. Further electricity is getting higher, therefore according to scientists and gas is going to be used up in the next few decades.

For of multiple countries have been trying to find alternative re the supply of power for its citizens. The good example of HTH India. European Union renewable energy project Europe as one of the most densely populated continents in demand for power, therefore EX. nations has been looking f energy such as wind power and currently has installed over turbines and is producing around 8% of the required electric has great potential in using tidal power, because of its ego ewer could become the most sufficient ways of producing the same operating principles as wind energy, though it woo the electricity would be produced during a flood and ebb.

T power generators – tidal stream generator, tidal barrage an generator. Tidal stream generator Takes advantage of a kinetic energy of a flowing water (the s just under water and also works both ways). It is the cheap way of using the tidal power. The first and only for the com type generator is called Seamen installed in Stanford Lou 2008 April. It had a 1,2 MM capacity turbine and 16 meters been upgraded to 2 MM turbine and 20 meters rotor, which ebb because of its axle angles. Since then it has contribute electricity to the national grid.

The project itself was so such been extended until 2018. Tidal barrage It can be compared to a river dam, though instead of Adam would do conventional dam, it holds water on either side d flood is starting and water level is relatively high compared and flowing water spins the generators and produces the el full, sluices closes. The second stage is starting. Once ebb s closed so that the level difference would be created, also the pumping of water to the bay to raise water even higher so t increased.

Once the level is sufficiently different, sluices pop back to the sea generates electricity once again. Tidal Barr methods of tidal power generation and is constructed of a s large concrete blocks, which houses turbines, sluices and s embankments (it blocks the water flow where there is no CIA This type of station has been first built in 1966 in France an Throughout those years, there have been done couple of re flora of a bay and scientists has determined that it had a m it, therefore most of the governments hesitate to install it.

Dynamic tidal power This type of tidal power production has yet to be developed, due to financial risks, cause the project itself would have to be in full scale in order to gather information on its true efficiency though according to scientists it has a great potential. The DIP dam is a long, around 30 km, barrier perpendicular line, with a possibility of constructing a parallel barrier at the far end to the coast-line forming a large T shape.

This barrier would interfere with waves coming to the shore creating water level differences on either side and it would drive number of bi-directional turbines installed in the dam. It is estimated that some of largest plants could have installed up to 15 GO capacity. To compare an average size DIP with capacity of 8 GO could produce 21 Two per year. Furthermore, with such concept, scientists presume that it would have minimal environmental impact on the area. Nuclear energy in India As I stated before every nation tries to secure reliable source of power for itself.

India is one of the best example of it. The geologist has found that there is a massive amount of thorium in the soil, which can be used in fast breeding reactors as an alternative to uranium. Additionally as an advantage over uranium thorium does not have to be enriched and almost all of it can be used for producing electricity, which means that India would be power independent country for at least couple hundreds of years. Furthermore, there is more advantages such as it can be used three times in a fast breeding reactor.

During this process, thorium-232 is capturing neutrons and is transmuted into thorium-233, which is transmuted into protactinium-233 by emitting electron and anti-neutron, further chain ends with uranium-233 which, is made by emitting another electron and anti-neutron. The by-product of this reaction is Teeth. The amount of energy produced, according to scientists would be 200 time higher than in usual nuclear reactor fuelled by uranium-235. According to the scientists of George Institute of Technology, thorium could be solution for more than a thousand year with the same consumption rate as we have now.

Additional, the waste would decrease greatly and it would be not as pollution-full as it is now. The half-life time of it is Just mere 200-300 hundreds of years compared to 300000 years, which is the case for the usual uranium-based reactor waste. In addition, it is known that thorium based reactor type waste is not suitable for nuclear weapon production, because of it properties. The uranium-232 spoils the reaction, because of its intense addition, therefore it becomes unstable and it is very difficult to keep uranium 232 separated from uranium 233.

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