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Diane Fenchel is a chiropractic physical therapist at Anchor Bay Spine Center in New Baltimore, Michigan. She has a second job for which she is the manager of the physical therapy department in a medical care facility. She spoke unfavorably of her second job, however. Diane said she does not like the system in place there, “it’s disorganized and has a lot of obstacles everyone has to push through, plus I don’t like the traditional medical field anyway. ” Unfortunately Diane’s position does not entail the restructuring of systematic procedures for greater efficiency.

Diane would not choose this managerial profession again. But what keeps Diane going is her passion for helping people ; relating with them. I chose this profession because it was once an interest of mine, some sort of physical therapist, ; I wanted to bring closure to my current decision in the continuing education so I didn’t regret going into the wrong profession. I chose this person because Anchor Bay Spine Center came into my work in November of 2009 and had a “Health and Wellness Seminar. I kept the business card and because of this essay had re-established professional communications with them. During this professional reunion I found that the only credentials Diane needed for her job were a high school GED or Diploma & on the job training with a medical background. However, I found that the daily job entails much more than I anticipated. Diane unusually has nearly identical responsibilities in both jobs. She orders supplies, assists therapists administratively, she takes care of scheduling & entering patient information into chart systems and she verifies insurance.

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Additionally she collects co-pays & deductibles and maintains the financial record keeping of the patients (both jobs) and the institution (chiropractic job only). She also plays a big role in the marketing of both businesses. But what she favors most is the contact with her patients; she finds that one on one contact is best in the holistic field (i. e. chiropractor) for the patients’ well-being. This is in fact the best job she has ever had; she loves her boss (Arthur Niederkohr) ; prefers holistic healing over anything else.

Luckily Diane favors care over annual payment because she approximately makes $30,000 – $35,000 annually. She lives alone (prefers it that way) although that may be plenty for herself her mother recently passed away and now she’s stuck with the medical bills, so 35K seems a lot less now than ever before. Aside from this surprising knowledge her job is ever so tedious from what I was told and I believe she has made off pretty well in Michigan in this economic climate without a college degree. I am not one for a tedious environment. After interviewing them, am I still interested in this profession?

Why or why not? I am not interested in this profession because I need more variability in my life as well as my job and she does not. Although, Diane’s career(s) speak for only a small portion of the vast physical therapeutic world, I still feel it’ll be tedious & I’m more of a snap n’ go kind of person, whom prefers more the opposite of tedious. All tjhis concluded I do not plan to pursue this profession. But I do however, plan on continuing my education in a different field related to health, wellness, alternative & holistic.

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