Personal Cosmology: We Create Our Own Reality Assignment

Personal Cosmology: We Create Our Own Reality Assignment Words: 355

Personal Cosmology helps us to understand, from the deepest level, we create our own reality however our desire It. It helps us access the bigger truth of who we are. I believe my own personal cosmology is Just thoughts about myself, my beliefs, and maybe even my fate in god. It is the prediction of my personal future, and Cosmology just straight up is the future of the universe.

The world is designed to work by the human beings following the Ten Commandments and the mission that god has set for us. If everyone followed those basic instructions and were kind to each other than the world would work perfectly with very little amount flaws. Pretty much we are supposed to live how God wants us to. The world works by us carrying out God’s law. The relation between nature and human beings Is us respecting nature. Nature provides the environment that we live In and we as humans must protect It.

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God created nature and he put It on earth to provide for us, but In return we also must protect it and keep people from destroying it. I want to believe there is an afterlife awaiting me after death. I think if you believe in an afterlife then there will be something there for you. Its hard to believe that its just total darkness, even if you don’t believe in god. It’s impossible to know what awaits me and I’m going to be honest, I’m a little nervous about it.

I really Just don’t ant to think about death and what’s to come, but it gets you thinking when you sit down and talk about It. In my mind the purpose of human existence Is to live safely, soundly, and respectfully with one another while following the teachings that Christ has taught us. Also we exist to Innovate, create, and adapt to the world as It expands and changes. The human being is essential for the earth to move forward but I also think it would be perfectly k without us.

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