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One pair of “civilian-style” frames may be issued annually as part of the Army’s Frame of Choice Program. 2 Retired military personnel may nave their spectacle prescription tilled in standard issue frames and lenses. (Unfortunately, at this time, the Army does not provide FOCI for retired personnel) (3) Other DOD sponsored individuals who require military issue arrear will have eligibility verified by the Patient Administration Division prior to submission of AD Form 771 , Arrear Prescription to the servicing optical fabrication laboratory for filling at government expense.

All spectacle orders originating from the Optometry clinic will be returned to the clinic before dispensing to maintain accountability. (4) Dependents of active duty military, retired, and deceased military, and there eligible personnel may buy their eye wear through a military exchange concessionaire or a civilian optical store at their own expense. B. Repair and dispensing of arrear will only be attempted on government issue or ordered materials. This clinic will not be responsible for adjustments made to civilian frames (breakage is possible and the clinic will not reimburse). C.

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AD Form 771 will be completed IA AR 40-63. For patients who live off post the form will include their mailing address, so the arrear can be mailed to the patient from this clinic. A phone number is required for all patients and those that live on Duggan Proving Ground will be called and notified that their glasses have been received and can be picked up at the eye clinic. D. Patients may have their arrear prescription verified by a technician during clinic hours. Prescriptions that have been incorrectly filled will be brought to the attention of the prescribing optometrist. E.

Each patient will receive an eyeglass prescription after a full eye exam (medical condition allowing) to obtain arrear through any optical shop. F. Patients with a complaint of visual discomfort secondary to new arrear will first have the prescription verified. If the arrear is of the correct prescription and if the arrear still causes problems after the patient has tried to wear the new prescription for several days, then an appointment will be made for the patient to be seen again by the prescribing optometrist. Such appointments will be expedited after conferring with the prescribing optometrist.

Protective mask inserts are normally indicated only for those active duty personnel whose uncorrected vision falls below 20/40 with both eyes open. In cases where an active duty soldier’s duty requires driving or another critical visual task, protective mask inserts may be fabricated for any degree of visual compromise. (4) Clear lenses aviation (flight) frame – limited to 2 pair for active duty personnel on flight status as defined by AR 40-63. 5) Sunglass lenses aviation frame – limited to 2 pair for active duty personnel on flight status.

The same restrictions apply as for clear flight glasses in (4) above. (6) Sunglass lenses standard frame – limited to 1 pair for active duty personnel ‘AWE AR 40-63. (7) Combat Eye Protective Spectacles (COPE) optical insert. (8) Half eyes are available for near only prescriptions for active duty and retired personnel. 5. RESPONSIBILITIES: It is the responsibility of the prescribing optometrist to insure that legible, complete entries are made in the patient’s health record. Legible and omelet spectacle prescriptions are also the responsibility of the prescribing optometrist.

Ancillary personnel will ensure that they correctly transcribe the necessary data from the patient’s health record to the SORTS computer base, AD Form 771, or civilian industrial safety glasses order form. All government issued arrear and optical services are discussed in AR 40 63. All personnel assigned or working in direct patient care in the Optometry Service will become familiar with its contents and the contents of the optical laboratory bulletins that are periodically distributed. Approved by: Date: Paper

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