Ocean Pollution Assignment

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Without our oceans we couldn’t live B. Animals in the ocean are suffering more and more each day C. Beautiful coral reefs are becoming depleted little by little each day 1. Thesis) Polluting the ocean is a major concern for all of us living on earth; we couldn’t live without the beautiful open waters. . While researching this topic learned a lot about just how important the ocean is for us. I will explain the cause and effects of pollution in the ocean and what it means for humans. Body I. CA emissions from our cars get absorbed into the ocean. A. Changing the chemistry of the sea known as acidification B. 250 years the ocean has absorbed 530 billion tons of CA C.

Scientists predict that by 2050 the southern ocean around Antarctica will be corrosive. That’s only about 40 years away!!!! D. Sea creatures all around the world are feeling the burn on pollution in their homes. 1. Literally, increased acidity carbonate, a mineral used to make up the shell of creatures 2. Like osteoporosis, if the pH levels drop the shells on animals will dissolve right off of them 3. Bigger animals that eat those organisms now won’t have food and will die off II. Acidification isn’t the only pollutant to our oceans.

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A. Oil spills 1. Actually only accounts for 12% of damage, the biggest problem with oil is the 36% that comes from drains and rivers from cities and industries. B. Fertilizers 2. Runoff of these chemicals is a huge problem; causes transportation- depletion of algae blooms dissolves the absorbed oxygen and suffocates urine life. C. Garbage 3. Plastic bags, balloons, glass bottles, shoes, and packaging material – if not disposed of correctly, almost everything we throw away can reach the sea. D. Sewage Disposal 4.

In many parts of the world, sewage flows untreated, or under-treated, into the ocean. For example, 80% of urban sewage discharged into the Mediterranean Sea is untreated. E. Toxic Chemicals 5. From the tiniest plankton to whales and polar bears, is contaminated with man-made chemicals, such as pesticides and chemicals used in common consumer products. L. Sea creatures aren’t the only things suffering, coral beefs are too. A. Delicate corals may face an even greater risk than shellfish because they require very high levels of carbonate to build their skeletons.

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