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Then shortage results in a reduction Of laity of care. The first shift which is seven to three, have seven nursing assistants, six are performing patient care and the seventh assistant is doing restorative care. On the first shift you are bathing and dressing all of your residents and feeding them two meals with snacks in between. Restorative care is a form of therapy. The therapy department is where most of the financial stability for the home comes from. So even if the floor is short the restorative assistant will not be pulled because it a “Money Thing”.

Second shift three to eleven requires five assistants. On the second shift you have en meal partial bathe and prepare for bed time. Third shift eleven to seven requires three aides. On the third shift you check the residents periodically for safety and round checks. A lot of times these shifts have a shortage daily per shift. The assistants have no less than ten residents. If there are shortage of staff on the third shift then there could be thirty residents to one aide. The recommendation is one nursing assistant to three residents during a meal and one to six during non-meal times.

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Ninety percent of US nursing homes have staff levels too low for adequate care. Statistics on abuse and neglect re not so shocking when you realize that ninety percent of nursing homes do not have the staff levels available to care for their patients effectively. Many elderly people are in long term care facilities like nursing homes, and most families believe that their loved ones Will receive excellent care there. Plenty of nursing home patients receive good care and live happy, healthy lives in the care of facilities, but others are subjected to abuse and neglect.

More than thirty percent of all nursing homes experience some form of resident abuse. Nearly one third of all nursing homes have residents that are abject to some form of abuse, whether its by staff or other residents. These include malnutrition, physical abuse, psychological distress, exploitation, neglect, and sexual abuse. Statistics show ninety two percent of America’s nursing homes were cited by health inspectors for at least one deficiency. Ninety percent of abusers are known. Nearly all of the time, those who abuse nursing home residents are not strangers.

That means staff members, residents, or familiar visitors are almost always to blame for nursing home abuse. Five thousand deaths may be due to negligence. Red flags for nursing home negligence were listed on five housing death certificates of nursing home patients in nineteen ninety nine. These include starvation, dehydration, or bedsores as the cause of death. Thirty incidents of aggression can happen in one eight hour shift. In one investigation, 12 nurses observed aggression between residents 30 times in an 8-hour shift.

Only about twenty percent of abuse cases are ever reported. Many nursing home residents do not have the mental presence or confidence to report abuse for themselves, and it may go unnoticed by family and other caretakers, so often, nursing home abuse cases are not reported. It is suspected that older adults are being overestimated with antispasmodic drugs in nursing homes, used to prevent combative behavior, agitation, and outbursts by dementia patients. In some cases the nurses have given residents all of their medicines at one time so that they don’t have to keep doing rounds.

There are not enough nursing home beds to serve the entire elderly population: In 2008, there were only 1. 8 million total nursing facility beds, but there were 18. 8 million people aged 65-74, and 14. 7 million people aged 75 or older. More than 50% of nursing home residents don’t have close elates: Many residents of nursing homes are without family support that can watch out for neglect or abuse. The average annual cost for a private nursing home room may be one hundred seventy thousand dollars by 2021.

The average cost for a room at a private nursing home in 2003 was sixty- sixty thousand dollars, but that figure may rise exponentially. One out of four nursing homes is cited for death or serious injury to a resident: In 2001, one of every four nursing homes received a citation for causing serious injury or death to a patient. Twenty complaints per nursing home were received in 2007. With 257,872 complaints relating to quality of care, facilities, staffing, and other factors, there was an average of 20 complaints per nursing home in 2007. If there were more nurses and nursing assistants ratio to the residents.

The malnutrition, physical abuse, psychological distress, exploitation, neglect, and sexual abuse. If the ratio was different more residents would have less bed sores which comes from not being turned and checking for a dry brief every two hours. More residents would be able to be toileted. Which would help with their bowels and bladder. Most residents don’t get the proper mouth care that hey need which gives them a sticky mouth, bad teeth, sore gums, bad breath and mouth sores. Urinary tract infections occur a lot as well because there is not much time to keep offering liquids.

Most residents only drink at meal time and imagine if there not drink king a full glass. Having hydration periods should be mandatory. State law is that residents only get two showers per week and then partial baths the other five. Partial baths consist of mouth care, face shaving, face hands, underarms, per areas and anything else if needed. Fifth ratio was different each resident could receive a shower or a full bed bath every day. The nursing assistants are underpaid underrepresented and overworked. If they are working the first shift especially and they are short.

Remember now they have nothing less than ten residents if they are one person short than they have twelve residents and again that’s two meals and bathing and dressing. Along with having to use some sort of lift and many of the residents are total dependence so its puts so much wear and tear on your body. If there were enough nursing assistants you would be able to have more team work. The families come to visit and want their family member that is in the facility to have the best care possible to realizing all the things that can happen In a day all the work that is put in but not seen.

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