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Having acquaintance of the foundations and history of nursing helps nursing practice today because it shows not only how far we have come in healthcare and nursing but also how imperative education has been and still is for nurses. TLS permits us an opportunity to enquire why and then attain answers for current practices via documented evidence. Nursing is an art. One must have passion for it. T o be a nurse one has to be kindhearted , tolerant and readiness to give. At the beginning nursing was not a glamorous profession,but through dedication and the love for humanity , nursing has come a respectful profession.

As the nursing field began to grow and develop ,nursing schools were founded;professional nursing organization and public health program were organized. From these trends came hospital based training schools,nursing licenser and public health nursing became vital in the community. This knowledge boosts an individual from a level of ignorance to a focused level of educationalist historical overview of each type of program helps build greater understanding of the factors influencing nursing education. Nursing is a science too.

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The empirical science of nursing includes both the natural sciences(biology,chemistry)and the human sciences(sociology,psychology). The art of nursing is the ability to form trusting relationships,perform procedures skillfully,prescribe appropriate treatments and morally conduct nursing practices. Len order to be a success in anything ,one needs to have a foundation. Children’s unity-grittiest are created by parents-concrete manmade objects have deep structural foundations. Life’s such as religious or spiritual beliefs are less tangible. UT like nursing ,the story and the role models that came before us are the foundations upon which we continue to practice. Through trial and error and through painstaking groundwork our founders such as Florence Nightingale has provided the foundation for the future growth of nursing. I noticed three trends from the required timeline reading; Florence Nightingale looked at trends affecting the health and healing of the patients. By doing so,she help to reform how the health organization looked at sanitary conditions,thereby improving the infection rate(Creases and Fibber,2011).

The research for the suppression of the infectious microbes continues today. Len the last year so ,the new policy “gel in,gel out” has been implemented in many hospitals as they revealed that nurses not wash their hands regularly between patients. Antiseptic gel has been placed just inside every patient’s room ,along with being in corridors. Another trend that began way back when and contain uses today is the need for continuing education in nursing. Linda Richards (nominee-1930)received the first diploma in nursing and went on to organize schools for advance the education of women.

These omen were already taking care of the sick,but by stirring their awareness ,they became better caregivers-Today,the trend continues-There is a push for all nurses to get their Abs’s. To understand the theory behind their actions will expand healthcare outcomes. The third one is the nursing uniform has come a long way. From the nursing cap (I . E. Handkerchief cap to the muffin cap)Once education became an enormous part of nursing ,nursing pins became a part of graduation ceremonies. Nursing uniforms consisted of primarily white gowns/aprons (scrubs for men}and a white cap until the late uses.

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