Media Impact on Nursing Assignment

Media Impact on Nursing Assignment Words: 291

The realistic of Nurses are often depicted as stereotypes in media especially, not only in Hollywood movies, but all over the film world generally. The movies in my native country also perceive nurses as someone always very rude to others, not helpful, darlings of doctors or as comedians. I have always felt sad and angry at times watching nurses characters played in the movies. Inexact portrayals of Nurses in popular films are damaging to the profession. Nursing is misinterpreted in the public from what they get through the media.

So they are provoked to choose a different carrier than nursing. To improve the image of nursing to the public, the various nursing associations could work together to create awareness about the goodness of nursing among younger generation especially to those students who are preparing to graduate from high school. Beside creating good image, this might also help to pave the way for many high school graduate to choose nursing as a career. Nurses must believe in themselves and project that believe to the public. Reporters should consult nurses about all healthcare stories.

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Nurses should persuade the media to provide a more accurate picture of the profession. It can happen if every one takes an effort to understand what nursing really is. We should also make our language reflect the real nursing role. Because language has a profound effect on how we think and act. A positive image creates a sense of pride in what one is doing. Nurses should be recognized for the work what they do differently in people life, and it should be posted in the place where the public can viszualise. This can definitely give a clear picture about the values of nurses too.

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