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As wear is proportional to both load and travel it follows that for uniform wear the product of plate reassure and radius from the axis is a constant which depends on the materials. The substitution of the consequence of assumed uniform wear leads to a simple theoretical expression for the torque transmitted by a plate clutch just before slip occurs. It is evident that this must depend on the friction between the plate and the plate it presses on.

Hence this experiment uses three different sizes of friction plates to test the theory and assumption. 2. THEORY Consider an upper turntable which turns due to the torque T on a concentric friction plate supported by a stationary base. The inner and outer radii of the plate are RI and ro. Take an elemental plate of radius r and width dry. The axial load induces a localized pressure p which causes a normal force don, where don = p. Pr. R If the coefficient of friction between the plate and the turntable is p (assumed to be uniform and independent of r) then the total torsion’s resistance is For vertical equilibrium where W is the applied load As the turntable revolves it seems reasonable to predict that the friction plate thickness will reduce uniformly, that is that the wear rate is constant. Since wear depends on pressure and the rubbing distance then it follows that p. R = constant since distance moved is proportional to the radius) Hence, 3.

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AIM The actual purpose of the experiment was to verify, for a single plate clutch, the application of the expression for maximum torque T = Parmesan where, T = frictional torque, p = coefficient of friction, W = axial load ; Raman = is the mean plate radius, and in particular that a) torque at slip is proportional to the normal force and b) the torque/normal force is proportional to radius of the friction plate Also, the value of the frictional coefficient of the plate p was to be determined.

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