Literary Analysis Popular Mechanics Assignment

Literary Analysis Popular Mechanics Assignment Words: 555

Is it he inside of the house, or is it the inside of one of the characters? {continue this idea of ambiguity of setting… Where else in the story is there ambiguity of place? Would mention that the weather was crying “streaks down the window to foreshadow the tears to be shed. Also the symbol of the snows “whiteness” becoming “dirty” which implies that a turn is about to happen that is not so good} {new paragraph} Nevertheless, Carver presents another question as the story continues to build( through the ambiguity of conflict}. He states that “Chi]e was in the bedroom pushing clothes into a suitcase when he came to the door” (334).

The implication that something is not right between this couple is given right from the beginning. As the story goes on, though, these two people fight and do not stop fighting. {the wife calls him a “son of a pitch” which seems to imply that he may be at fault, but the reader is never really sure. }This creates tension, not only in the story, but also for the reader as questions begin to fill his mind. Another level of ambiguity is shown through the characters’ action of fighting and splitting. Why are they splitting up? The lady asks her husband, m;/o can’t even look me in the face, can you? ” (334).

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This question implies that there was some kind of feud {not feud… But possibly guilt, or at least, implied guilt} going on that they could not resolve. Something has been done by one of them, but Carver never tells us specifically what that is. Can. ‘re never addresses this question again. Lastly, Carver uses ambiguity for the outcome of what will happen to the baby and which parent will end up with the baby. Carver ends the story by revealing “[i]n this manner, the issue was decided” (335). Was the {quotes around issue… Direct quote} “issue” the conflict or the offspring {uses the definitive article} ?

This was foreshadowed right from the beginning as the tension began to build up when he was packing up his clothes and she said, “I’m glad you’re leaving! I’m glad you’re leaving! (334). {as she says this, she reclaims the picture that he hast taken… At the end of the story he tries to claim the actual baby} {at this point the reader understands }What Carver meant at the beginning of the story by saying “it was getting dark on the inside it was OTOH physical and emotional} was meant in a physical and emotional way. In the midst of their fighting over possessions, the baby had been physically impaired. Carter has implied this ‘turn’ of events since he used the word ‘turn’ or a form of it xx times throughout the story. } Throughout “Popular Mechanics,” Carver{‘s ambiguity builds suspense, causing the reader to speculate. } uses ambiguity to build suspense for his readers to speculate the outcome. In each {name the areas… Setting, characterization, conflict, and even the conclusion where questions arise, the author relies upon the reader o draw conclusions} area of the story questions arise, and the author either{cannot say either without an ‘or’ you have to have another option} leaves it up to the reader to answer the question.

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