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This is a very general and common fundamental, but in fact, how many people can actually apply it to their life and live up to it? We promote healing our environment, but on the other hand, we bust it up with burning the forest, throwing rubbish everywhere, pouring the toxin into the soil, and etc. The reason why we’ve chosen this topic is because this concern has increased in the last few decades.

Furthermore, many people don’t pay much attention to environmental problems because they don’t understand how serious the problem would affect them or their lifestyle. Land pollution can harm locals just by being nearby. For example, people who live near toxic sites often have birth defects, shorter life spans, and chemical induced diseases. The dangers of land pollution are so great that landfills have to be sealed so no air can leak in or out, making decomposition in landfills nearly impossible. So, our mission is to create awareness to people about the land problems in Malaysia is getting serious and serious.

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We also ant to create awakens to the society to protect environment for our future and of course to build a safety culture in our daily life. Targeted Audience and Missions We’ve categories the audiences into 4 groups based on their ages and professions. We’ll use different aims and methodologies to achieve our vision and mission. 1. Children age under 12 Children can become an important ally in our overall efforts to enhance the environment and our children’s awareness of these issues is critical in this cause.

Many things that you learn at a young age are carried on with you later in life. Walk the walk and the children will follow. Committing personally to greater environmental consciousness and encouraging recycle by recycling ourselves. We need to help them see the importance of environmental awareness in life. Here are some ways to create awareness on this category: A. Read with them about the issues. There are a number Of great books for kids helping them understand the environment and the issues they face. B. Set an example. Walk the walk and the children will follow.

We need to be a role model for them, a person who cares and concerns about environment and the places we live. C. Participate in environmental projects. We can organize an environmental project together with our neighborhoods to promote the importance of conservation and preservation. Plant trees and does gardening can be effectively reduce the land pollution. Moreover, activities are good opportunities to teach environmental principles. Make time to be together with your children outside and you will have chances to experience nature on the first hand 2.

Teenage age under 18 Thirty percent of the world’s population is under the age of eighteen, according to UNEVEN, which is why educating children and young adults about environmental problems is crucial to long-term Success. Teenager as a result of the future successor, if they do not understand how our environment does paid for the civilization and ignores the pondered of self-awaken towards land preservation and conservation, one day; we will step inside the rattrap and digest the pain ourselves. As for it, we need to aware the teenager to resolve to be the land guardian, to protect and cherish our land and environment.

Here are some ways for this category: A. Classroom education Integrating environmental education into current science classes or teaching environmental science as a separate discipline is one of the best ways to educate children and teens about environmental problems, such as land problems. B. Held an anti-land pollution campaign Land pollution is mainly caused by poor solid waste management. By holding this campaign, we can promote the ways of reduction, reuse and recycle in reducing the problems of land pollutions. C. Interactive Environment Games This format of gaming helps to spread environmental awareness.

Interactive environmental games require the players to maintain, cleanse and keep a healthy environment virtually. Players can help save endangered species, lean their neighborhood by disposing Off the trash or even clean toxic materials. 3. Professions and non-professions The natural sounded alarm was too weak to curb people from continuing to produce a great deal of trash and deteriorating our environment. The earth is paying the price for us for the development of industrialization in our nation. Land will not heal itself. It requires us to take actions.

So, with all the professions involvement in our project, we believe that it wills become a guiding role in the majority of young and with the chain-reaction, it brings incentive and positive impact to our community. Besides, we need to have on-professions to get involved as volunteer to work together to return a beautiful home to the earth. When we notice that people we look up to are promoting the green movement we are going to get more involved. So, awareness on these peoples is necessary for us. A. Advertise, advertise, and advertise.

One of the best ways to make people aware of the problem is through repetitious advertising. We need to have advertisement campaigns that talk about “Going Green” and what we Can do to save the environment. There could be an advertising campaign with the slogan, “Only You Can Save Our Land. ” B. Government impose protection act to the public Whoever against the laws and cause land polluted, government will impose penalty or prison to them. C. Create company responsibilities The government can give incentives or rewards to the company whoever reduce or minimize the pollution of the land.

E. G. Replant the tree or forest, minimize the chemical usages, so on and so for. How do we benefit? Based on the objectives I’ve mentioned, it is clearly shown that there are several benefits by preserving and conserving our lands: 1 . Save limited resources and give our next generation a healthy and safety environment to live. 2. We also promoting stronger awakens by giving out wariness and knowledge to the public that we all need to reach out and work with neighbors to protect the land we need and love. 3.

Preservation of land helps future generations from protecting foods and water supply, providing wildlife habitat, and strengthening communities. How is part 2 going to be done in debut? What kind Of nation we will be, what kind Of world we will live in, whether we shape the future in the mage of our hopes, is ours to determine by our actions and our choices. We are going to make a movie about the awareness of land pollution, make comparison on the land before and after polluted tit a slogan of “embrace the green revolution; I’m a friend of nature. Summing-up The Earth is groaning and trembling. It needs our help. The land is our indispensable resources and it couldn’t be replaced. It is also the basis for plant growing and agricultural production. Land is just as important as our heart, we carried out every productions and activities on the land, we live on and rely it. Let’s create the green for future. Cherish our land resources and say no to land pollution. Actions must be taken immediately in order to expose this awareness to our friends and families surrounding.

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