Is Global Warming Real? Assignment

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The second part of the argument, considering that global warming is real, is the question of weather global warming is occurring at such a rapid rate due to humans harmful gas emissions or due to natural causes. Evidence and science provides clear-cut answers to these two questions. Global warming is real and it is accelerating, because Of what people and their industry produce. Global warming is real and is happening right now. The temperature of the earth has been charted and numerous scientists all produce the same charts.

These charts all indicate that since the sass’s the earth’s temperature has been rising each year. Also, one major indicator of global warming is what is happening to glaciers around the world. Glaciers in the Alps like the Rhine glacier have receded about 2. 5 kilometers since 1859 due to melting. The fact that temperatures are rising and that glaciers are melting confirms that global warming is occurring. After proving that global warming is real the next step to the argument is that global warming is man made. One major green house gas that contributes to global warming is CO.

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The earth’s atmosphere is fragile and is based off of a balanced amount of chemical components like nitrogen and carbon dioxide. When this balance is thrown off due to the amount of gases humans are producing it will cause for the atmosphere to become unstable and allow global warming to occur. The threatening gas carbon dioxide is being produced by factories in large quantities. For example, “Cement plants and factories across the world churn out almost 5 billion tones of carbon dioxide annually’ (California green solutions).

In edition, scientists like Richard Zebu have even noted that in the ice of Antarctica the amount of carbon dioxide in the past 200 years has rose from 22 parts per million to 1 00 parts per million. This scientific evidence shows that during our world’s modern age the carbon dioxide levels have risen significantly from their natural numbers. The fact that carbon dioxide is a gas that threatens the atmosphere and is being produced in large quantities by human beings greatly supports the fact that global warming is being accelerated by man.

One can sit there and point the finger and accuse scientists that their information is wrong. If people choose to shoot down evidence that scientists are proposing what are we supposed to base this world Off Of? People need to have faith in the highly developed science Of today and need to stop casting it aside to live in a world where global warming is a myth. Temperatures are rising and glaciers are melting and it does not take science to see that the great glaciers of this world are receding.

Furthermore, scientists from all over the world are concluding that carbon oxide levels have been rising during the twentieth century because of the large amounts of carbon dioxide being produced by businesses. The numbers are there from many scientists and not every study can be bias. The ones who deny these facts are those like George Bush who are concerned about their presidential campaigns and not the state the earth will be in the next fifty years. It is time to subdue our capitalist need of promoting big business and time to think about preserving the world that our children and grandchildren will be living in.

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