Industrial Pollution Assignment

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Remote areas of the world are affected indirectly by industrial pollution. Even though the people in these communities may not live near any factories, plants, etc. They still are affected. The air pollution caused by the industries can carry for many miles (World Book 338). In the sass’s and early 1 sass coal powered most industries. The burning Of coal fills the air with smoke and soot. Coal was a very efficient way of powering industries. It was also a big problem. The Industrial Revolution created lots of jobs for people.

In fact, this period was characterized by the overcrowding of cities with factory workers. It also increases the products being made in the U. S. Steel, clothes, coal, power There is also The Permanent Pollution Prevention Program or UP. Clothes industries have made the expense of clothes cheaper and the availability of clothes more widespread (World Book 338). “Green Watchdog or Industrial Poodle. Every year Britain’s largest factories release more than 10,000 tons of cancer-causing chemicals.

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Dumping Heimlich into rivers and not having filters on smokestacks are just a few of the ways they pollute the environment. This program hopes to build industry, business, and governmental cooperation. People living near these plants certainly won’t be celebrating the Environmental Agency’s birthday and many of them have lost confidence in the Agency. UP helps facilities start their own in-house permanent pollution prevention program to reduce pollutants and generate cost savings. It supports technology transfer between different industries.

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