How to Curb Land Pollution? Assignment

How to Curb Land Pollution? Assignment Words: 660

This reduces the use of non-biodegradable products like plastic bags. We should also buy products with little packaging and buy them in bulk so as to reduce packaging, resulting in less addition of waste. What can the government do? They can impose rules, regulations and fines on the release of pollutants onto land. People who are defiant will be prosecuted and arrested. The government can also introduce a proper waste management system, like having more recycling bins around, encouraging people to recycle.

Government can also monitor and manage systems like agricultural, industrial and mining activities. By keeping a close watch on them, the pollutants released will be controlled. The government should also implement a system by having householders separate their rubbish into different materials, allowing an easier separation of the different components of waste. The government can also promote awareness about recycling and enforcing them by holding more campaigns ensuring that everyone plays a part in helping the environment.

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Our weighing factor: The amount of time oaken to solve the problem and the amount of harmful emissions cut down, focusing on efficiency. Our answer, government legislation is the best and fastest way to reduce environmental pollution. This is because large amounts of environmental pollution are mostly caused be industrial factories and vehicles, etc. Thus, only the government can have control and authority over the factories. The governments are the ones who set up the rules and regulations, which the company has to comply to.

All the people working at such industrial factories only think about earning money. Profit driven industries don’t even care about the environment and will rarely hear to what the people have to say about environmental pollution. The government are also the ones who can increase road taxes, hence decreasing the number of cars on the roads. However, it is also true that we all have to play our part by preventing environmental pollution like walking/cycling instead of driving, recycling and etc. But how many of us actually practice what we preach, putting our words into actions?

The people will only take action when the government steps in and impose rules. In addition, having everyone to play their part will definitely take time, unable to be as efficient as the government. Hence, the people can’t do much about it because they are unable to speak to the public and make a huge impact while the government is able to. And you all may think, richer companies have a lot of money so they would probably just pay the fines if they fail to comply to the government’s rules. However, they are going against the government or law and hence will be prosecuted and arrested.

Therefore, trouble and problems will be created. This is when the media comes in and their company/factory image will be ruined and they may even make it to the headlines. The people who constantly support the company/factory by purchasing their products etc will start to lose trust in that company as they have already gotten a bad name, knowing that they go against the government and are not environmentally friendly. Hence, the company’s image will be affected, business and sales will go down and little profits will be made.

Therefore, many companies will take in to mind that they will have to comply to the overpayment’s rules and regulations to avoid such incidents from happening. Hence, lesser pollutants will be released and because of the government, things will be under control. Hence, government legislation is the best and fastest way to reduce environmental pollution as they have resources such as manpower, authority, rights and money. Law and order will also be enforced to ensure that the people play their part. Solutions and decisions will also be made quickly, hence, curbing Of environmental pollution will be taken a step further.

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