Goverment spending money on space Assignment

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They could be inhabitable for the human race and will be able to colonies in other worlds. We could find a planet with wonderful weather or horrible weather. It would be perfect for scientists to analyze the data of the weather and how it works, how the atmosphere was created, how it could help to survive the weather and able to predict the forecast of the weather In other planets, we could find minerals that could be a reared mineral that will be able to add up to the periodic table. Those minerals could make different materials, hat may then be stronger than titanium compound.

Scientists would be able to find plants that could be a big part of medicine. Those plants could be the key we may be missing to create cure and vaccine of diseases. By finding this types of plants it would be a new way for humans to enjoy that type of plant to add to the fruit or vegetable product. Other reasons, we should visit and explore other plants is so that we could find different types of animals and insects. Scientist can be able to observe the behavior f animals and insect’s for them to find there natural habitat.

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They would be able to dissect them and learn how their body works, if It’s the same as we have in planets earth or different. They could find new types of diseases In the animals that may not have In any common on our animals or Insects In our world If we explore other planets we find races of humans. They could teach us their ways or we could reach our ways to them. They may even have more advanced technology than we might have. They could teach us how to build better equipment, utter weapons or how to build a better society.

If the humans are less advanced In our technology we could help them Involve with their technology. If we find humans in other planets then we could build an alliance with their world and ours. Those are my reasons why we should spend money to travel space and explore other planets. We may never find out what’s out there if you do not explore.

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