Global Warming: The Government’s Little White Lie Assignment

Global Warming: The Government’s Little White Lie Assignment Words: 697

According to Edmund Contorts global climate changes have occurred “63 times in the past 1. 6 million years,” (Contorts. N. P). So since our Earth is always rebounding from one change to another we have no need to worry. There is proof it’s warming but there has been evidence that the planet was once cooling. In the early asses scientist thought the Earth was cooling but there predictions were proven wrong too. As famed writer Michael Creighton points out, “If scientist can’t accurately predict what ext weekend’s weather will be like, how can they predict what the next centuries climate will be like? (Creighton. N. P. ) Scientist do have proof that in the last few years the earth has warmed miniscule. However when compared to the entire 20th century, the earth’s temperature has only risen by 0. 60 C. This is barely a notable change and was wiped out by a drop of 0. 630 C in 2007. Scientist are trying to justify their idea of global warming by making many claims that are not scientifically backed up. They are claiming that animal migration patterns are changing as well. They also say that some species are migrating farther and sooner northern.

When in reality migration pattern changes happen naturally and change year to year. Another common claim is that we are accelerating certain species extinction, but extinction occurs in nature without human interaction due to predation and lack of The polar ice caps are another object that scientist like to grab resources. Aloud of to push their idea of global warming. The ice shelf fluctuates from year to year, causing it to appear to be shrinking one year but the next year it ay regain the ice it lost or gain more.

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The media however only likes to report on the loss of ice caps. Sadly it makes a better story about how polar bears are being killed by corrupt companies than how we regained 3% of the Carbon dioxide is not causing global warming. Carbon Dioxide ice caps. (CO() only makes up 0. 035% of our Earth’s atmosphere and is not even a powerful greenhouse gas. Human production of carbon dioxide has increased in recent years but humans are still not the biggest producers of CO(. Nature is ironically the largest producer, making up for 97% of all the CO( n Earth.

Volcano eruptions and swamps make up a large portion of this. A large part of this blame is just the use of a scapegoat. If an answer can not be easily identified and put to blame then the most infamous one is chosen. Many large and widely known companies choose to go along with this proposed ideas to appeal to the common people who then also choose to believe that the companies know best. An example of this is the Kyoto Protocol in 1 997, when many well known companies wasted millions on fruitless research projects.

It was originally wrote to reduce fossil fuels consumption but was proven to just be a stunt to gain image as wanting to save the planet. Consumers would much rather buy a drink from the company that claims it saves the planet than buy one from the company that a random scientist says kill baby seals. Global Warming is based on political ideology rather than reality. The media and elite groups control what the public knows and does not know in today’s world. If they want you to believe in global warming just so they can Con you out of $25 a month, they will.

When in reality scientist who report to these companies with their findings are corrupt themselves. They will follow the money flow, even if it means lying and destroying evidence. When it was proven that Earth was not cooling and in fact heating, a large sum of carbon dioxide reports were deliberately ignored when filing a report about global warming being caused by CO(. If the paper does not support the present idea then the paper and research must be false. The miss-use of computer programs is common too. Humans program the simulations after all, so they can not be exact.

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