Global warming SOCIAL ANALYSIS Assignment

Global warming SOCIAL ANALYSIS  Assignment Words: 401

Some of the signs of increasing Global warming is the recorded heat, storms, excessive rains and fire. Global warming concerns me a lot because it effect directly to our daily life routine. The weather is getting to extreme and its changed a lot as it was before 60 years ago. Global warming effects electricity which is again an essential part of our life in this century if there is no electricity the electronics like laptop, TV, Mobile phone won’t work which we used every second Moreover the reason that concerns me the most that people are well known about Global Warming UT still they don’t bother to take any precaution to reduce it.

For instance the use of excessive car increases the air pollution which contribute to Global Warming. The Global warming recently affected me here in my personal life in Toronto on 20th February 201 5 there was a huge snow storm which lasted 48 hours because of which I missed my school , and had to cancels all my plans for that day as going out and reaching at destination was a big achievement. Summary: The main point which was discussed in this proposal was the lobar warming is changing the weather and it’s getting worst year by year and people are not taking any precaution to conserve the earth.

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The emission of Carbon dioxide is increasing by burning of coal, fossil fuels etc. The deforestation is another issue. The conclusion made by the work is that the government should look forward to preserve earth by having campaigns to make people aware of global warming. People can contribute by planting trees, avoiding driving unnecessary, which will help in keeping this earth clean and safe for living for us and for upcoming generations.

This contributes by acknowledging about Global warming about what is it, how it affects us, what are the causes of it, how it can be reduced. Global warming has both pros and cons as well some of the pros are that some plants need warm weather to live so it helps them leave, The next ice age is prevented from occurring, Mountains get back to their original height back as it was before the melting of Glaciers. While some of cons are that because of Global warming the sea level is increasing, Deserts are getting drier which increases the certification.

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