Global Warming (Report Paper) Assignment

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While in climate change, there is a regional long-term change in the characteristics of the limited including the temperature, humidity, rainfall and severe weather occurrence. Example of which are El Onion and La Nina which are very common here in the Philippines. The connection between this two is that global warming causes climate change. To put it in other words, global warming is a type of climate change. The major activity of men which is responsible for global warming is the burning of fossil fuels by factories creating harmful gases that are trapped in the atmosphere.

As a result based in the documentary have watched, corals reefs which are homes of some aquatic animals are dying as the ocean absorbs more carbon dioxide making them more acidic. In Africa, the annual migration of over a million animals is on a threat as drought decimate on the grassland they feed on. The near 1 degree rise on average temperature is killing the trees in Canada turning their leaves red. The arctic region is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world. Last 2007, large arctic glaciers broke up and melted causing higher sea levels.

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Most places already experienced extreme fire because of too high temperature destroying millions of properties of the people. Other destructive effects of global warming are hurricane destruction, cyclones, catastrophic flooding, tsunami and the like. But the worst effect one could imagine is death. Over a billion of people have died because of these natural phenomena that have occurred in some places all over the world. One example of this is the killer earthquake and tsunami that have happened in some parts of Japan which put the lives of the people at stake.

It’s not just the people who are greatly affected by global warming but also, animals and plants are suffering as much as the people do. REFLECTION In future generation’s lifetime, it is very likely that catastrophic storms will occur and our world will be devastated. In some part of the world, the rising sea level is already being felt which can also cause diseases to people. Its predicted to get much worse. With drought comes fire. It will destroy a lot Of properties including forests where we get essential resources.

In 2 degree warmer world, fire, heat waves or droughts will become common place. And this will become a matter of life and death. These sufferings can be experienced by our children if we don’t do something about it. If we really love our planet and our children, we should prevent global warming from getting worse and worst. What we can do about it is first, change our values and lifestyles. According to the documentary, eighty percent of the emission of greenhouse gases originates in households.

As an alternative, we can use solar energy or wind to produce electricity??harness the sunlight, harness the wind and with this, we could create a power that can be relied on. We certainly can go for blouses that don’t conflict with food supply. We can use technologies that are suitable for a certain region which old not contribute to pollution. This is clearly evident in some region. Science has been very helpful in creating technologies which would help lessen pollution or most probably, creates zero percent carbon dioxide technologies.

In South Africa and Europe, they have created large solar panels which would create electricity with the use of sunlight. In Iceland, steams that comes from the underground drives electricity turbines and power plants producing no greenhouse gases. It is also trying a new technology that would not create gases and this is hydrogen-filled car. In China, a big leap in innovation has occurred in which the first high speed commercial Mangle (magnetic levitation) in the world is created.

If only these technologies can be used all over the world, then pollution will be prevented and the temperature of our planet would not continue to rise. But, using these would require large investments. It is very costly to create such technologies and to have access to it. So somehow, science can be helpful but its products are limited. As an individual, we can still contribute to the betterment of our planet through simple ways. Pollution is the worst enemy Of the environment. We should be responsible of our own garbage and dispose them properly.

We must not burn them because it will only bring carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. To help lessen air pollution, create a greener environment. Plant more trees. Join clubs and organizations that promote a healthy environment. Share your knowledge to others regarding this and encourage them also to take good care of our Mother Nature. CONCLUSION Generally, the destructive activities of men are the major factor that contributes to the heating up of the earth resulting to global warming and limited change.

In effect, our planet is dying. Living organisms in our planet are suffering from the effect of global warming. Higher water levels, cyclones and fire are disastrous. Natural resources and food supplies are being affected. We have to be prepared on the impending catastrophes. We must do something about it to prevent more serious problems to happen. If we don’t, then the future generation will suffer more than we do. Let us not completely rely on science. Start making a change within ourselves and help create a healthier environment.

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