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If anyone had the time to look into it, people could easily see what is happening in our world right now; glaciers are melting, lakes are drying up, and mountains are becoming barren. It IS nitrous a climate shift like some scientists would like you to believe, nor is it just a regular occurrence in the grander scheme of the world. It is everyone’s doing. The burning Of fossil fuels and usage of electricity is sending high amounts of carbon dioxide (CO) into the ozone layer. The CO that is emitted by humans gets stuck in the ozone layer.

Once there, it traps in CIVIC rays that fly back down to earth and increase the temperature of certain areas. This is essentially the theory of Global Warming. The facts also help to prove this theory. In the sass’s, scientists began sending climate balloon sensors into the sky to try and capture any information they could about the ozone layer. They categorized the data and by 2006, they realized that the levels of CO in the ozone layer was rising exponentially. This would account for some of the awkward weather patterns the Earth has seen the past decade or two.

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In fact, those weather patterns are retreat indicators of what is going on in the world’s atmosphere. As anyone has noticed, there have been a lot of happenings in the past years that should be causing more alarm than they are. They most notable occurrence was Hurricane Strain. Before it hit New Orleans, the storm was only classified as a level one danger and struck Florida to minor damage. Unexpectedly, however, the storm moved south and accumulated in the Gulf of Mexico. Due to the warming of the Gulf, the heat from the sea combined with the ferocity of the hurricane and turned it into a class five.

At that point, it moved into New Orleans and stranded thousands by the havoc it caused. It did not help that we knew the levees could not withstand such a force, but no one could have expected the hurricane to evolve into such a magnanimous beast. New Orleans and Hurricane Strain are not the only indicators of what is happening. Half-way around the globe, Asia is running into unforeseen changes as well. There has been an increase in tsunamis in Japan, as well as tornadoes and hurricanes attacking India. Also, places like the North Pole and

Antarctica are seeing rapid increases in temperature that is causing the ice to melt and sink off into the ocean. With the ice melting, the sea level is going to increase and many places that live on the shore will be engulfed in water. Finally, monumental parks that lay in the mountains are losing their icy hills and cliffs; lakes, too, are being dried up. This will eventually bode a problem for some civilizations, as they get their drinking water from frozen springs on the cliffs. Since precipitation is down, the springs will not get refilled and they will run out of clean drinking water.

The weather doesn’t only consist of storms and ice blocks melting. Over the summer of 2006, cities like New York and Philadelphia experienced massive heat waves. Other continents, like Africa, have been entrenched in droughts when the season should normally call for rain. Contrary to that, nations neighboring them have seen record rain falls and floods. To anyone who has a brain, these occurrences over the past decade or so should indicate that there is a problem in the world today. All is not lost, though. There exists ways in which the people can fight back against global warming and at least slow the entire process down.

Hybrid cars, for example, would produce less CO from car exhaust. In fact, car pooling and using more public transportation effectively would significantly reduce any emissions. Recycling old products, turning off electric appliances, and using more safety-aware products are all ways to reduce the amount of pollution finding its way into the Earth’s ozone layer. With a little help and cooperation from everyone around the world, we could easily slow down the global warming process and attempt to fix any damages it might have caused.

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