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Consumerism, is it killing the earth? Consumerism is the continual expansion of ones wants and needs for goods and service. And we might not want to be but we are ALL consumers. LUKE 12:15, then Jesus said to them, watch out! Be on your guard against greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions. This is what we should be doing we should be on our guard against greed sadly half the population aren’t. The question is; is it killing our planet? Throughout history people have been using the earths emitted recourses without a second thought.

Before the 20th century the destruction of consumerism was small, so the earth was big enough to handle it but now we have an ever growing population and ever since the industrial revolution in the sass we have had far more reason to be polluting thanks to consumerism. So now we have a world economy that consumes natural recourses and pumps out pollution on a world scale! By destroying these precious resources we are risking a lot. If this process is left untouched we reduce the ability of life to even continue!

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Take coal as an example t is very popular and we the consumers want and need it, companies mine the coal, they then ship it to their factories were it is packed and shipped off to dealers were we, the consumers buy it. We then use it causing pollution in the air and polar ice caps to melt AND since coal is a fossil fuel it means that it will not be reproduced it comes from the ground and theirs only a certain amount of it, so what happens when all the fossil fuels have run out? Pollution and no warmth from the fire that those types of fuels help produce and this would be all down to use wanting it.

The effect this is having on our planet is devastating. All thanks to consumerism, pollution is being produced, wars are breaking out over what certain countries want and don’t want and suffering is happening not Just with humans but wildlife, vegetation; OUR EARTH. Thanks to us our earth is at mercy with this beast. It is taking over our world literally! If we don’t cut down on things we want the end result will be total destruction of life! Do you want this? Consumerism is all down to GREED. We want too much and don’t give people enough in return.

Thanks to the worship of money it will cost us greatly. Stop greed stop consumerism sounds simple, sadly it isn’t there are people out there that want everything for nothing in return they take things from people leaving them poor or they employ people to work for as little as up a day! Consumerism is getting out of hand. This needs to stop! If we want our earth to be here for our children and their families then we need to try! Consumerism is the continual expansion of ones wants and needs for goods and service and it IS killing our planet.

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