Global Warming Assignment

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Due to this, the earth’s environment is disturbed, which, in time, results in very high temperature on its surface. This is known as ‘global warming. ‘ There are various causes for global warming and its effects are so intense that it won’t be a surprise if the mass extinction of animals and birds occur pretty. The main cause of global warming is human influence. Although humans are trying to eradicate this major disastrous, they are also making this disastrous occur. To further explain more clearly, Global warming is nothing but the exposure of harmful OIC gases to the atmosphere.

Out of all of the harmful toxic gases, carbon dioxide is known to be as the major gas behind global warming. With the rapid increase of factories and industries by humans, a very high amount of toxic products are thrown-out into the environment. Carbon dioxide, a major ozone depletion, along with other harmful toxic gases such as methane, silhouetted, carbon monoxide are thus exposed to the atmosphere, causing the ozone layer to get depleted, and thereby letting harmful radioactive particles to enter the Earth’s atmospherically rise in the reface temperature.

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In addition, automobiles also emit carbonization which similarly, chemical reactions preformed in the laboratory also help in the disposal of harmful toxic gases in the environment. Moreover, over use of the bizarre components such as fossil fuels etc. Also play a vital role for global warming. As an illustration: one of the uses of fossil fuels includes electricity production. Coal is used as the major fossil fuel for electricity production, electric production requires vast amount of energy. During the burning process of the coal, the toxic substances present inside the coal also get burned.

These substances, when released to the environment, can cause global warming. The effects of global warming are very intense and truly frightening. The natural environment and human lives are the main sufferers of this disease. The rise in the sea level, changes in the rainfall patterns, increase in the intensity and frequency of natural disasters such as hurricanes and extreme weather events, reduction in the ozone layer, and mass extinction of animals and birds’ species are known to be as the major effects of global warming.

Increase in the acidity of the oceanic water is also one of the effects of the global warming. The result of this increase in the oceanic pH causes massive damage to the lives of aquatic animals and plants as they usually reside under the basic solution. One of the most dangerous results of global warming is the production of acid rain. Scientific theories suggest that acidic rain can result in deaths of thousands of people. Scientists suggest that f this trend of rise in the global warming continues, at least 18 out of 1 000 birds and animal species will be extinct by the year 2050.

Additionally, it IS quite evident that new diseases will flourish in the environment due to the changes in climatic condition which is one of the effects of global warming. Some of the diseases that are spread in the environment due to this change are malaria, fever. Out of all of these, malaria is known to be as the major disease that spreads in the environment due to the global warming because quotes, which live under high temperature influence, are the main cause for the infestation of malarial virus inside living beings.

To sum up, it is made vivid that spread of toxic gases into the environment is the main cause of global warming, which results in the reduction of the ozone layer, thus causing high temperatures on the earth’s surface. However, human beings influence is the topmost cause for the global warming. Science and technological innovations such as factories, industries, and automobiles play a vital role in the rise in temperature. Biological components, such as fossils fuels, also play a part for the occurrence of the warmer temperature.

Natural environment and human lives are regarded as the main sufferers of the global warming. Reduction in the ozone layer, changes in the climatic condition, increase in the sea level, oceanic pH and intensity and the frequency of natural disasters are the major effects of the global warming. With this much in mind, it is necessary to make public aware about the upcoming consequences of global warming and start taking action in order to eradicate it.

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