Global Warming Assignment

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Global warming has been evolving throughout history since early 1928. 1. There has been a change in greenhouse effect that affects temperature over the past decades. 2. The change in whether over the last few years is a result of more storms from the global warming effect. 3. Global warming is expected to increase/decrease temperatures throughout the seasons. II. A developing body of evidence signposts that humans now have a substantial impact on climate. 1.

Fuel in fossil fuels, natural gas, Coil, and oil contribute energy to nearly every human endeavor in industrialized nations. 2. Land from seasonal crops to forest’s or from urban to natural environments, the regional temperature system is changed. 3. Small elements in the air (aerosols) might have cooling or warming effects, subject on their characteristics. Ill. Global Warming effect is being seen throughout the world. 1. The ice is melting from the Glacier Mountains. 2. Sea levels are on the rise. 3. Heat destroying crops, less land to be farmed. IV.

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Ways we can slow down Global Warming. . Recycle products that can be reused, save on chemicals used to produce goods. 2. Find alternative forms of energy. 3. Plant more trees Conclusion: The population of humans are increasing ever day. We need to find ways to conserve the plant we have. At this current time there is no single resolution that can eliminate future warming. Nevertheless, the sum of a variety of diverse actions taken by individuals and nations could largely reduce me sessions of CO and other greenhouse gases.

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