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There were major changes in social life after the industrial revolution, people moved from the country side to cities to get better jobs and salaries, and the population increased after the industrial revolution because of the better living conditions and health care. According to McCall (201 1) “At the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in the mid asses, the world’s human population grew by about 57 percent to 700 million. It would reach one billion in 1800” (McCall, 201 1).

Also there were many changes in the environment of the earth, the temperature started to get higher, flood started to destroy some parts of the world, on the other side rough was killing many people, animals and plants on our planet. Fires started destroying forests, the rising in sea levels and pollution. The pollution problem due to the industrial revolution was cited in a website called Environmental History Resources “The groom of the major industrial cities also caused water pollution.

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All too often, rivers that pass through urban areas became a receptacle for human waste products, both domestic and industrial” (The Industrial Age). Temperature got higher, floods, droughts, fires in forests, rising In sea levels and pollution all happened because of lobar warming, and it is still affecting the world nowadays. So what are the main reasons for global warming, what are the affects of this phenomenon and what are the future plans to stop or reduce the affects of global warming?

This paper will mainly focus on these three questions and the role of countries around the world, and especially our country the Ignited Arab Emirates (AJAX) towards solving and reducing the affects of this problem. Literature review Definition and cause of global warming Global warming is defined as the unusual rapid increase in the earth’s average temperature over the past centuries because of the increase of roundhouse gases in the atmosphere, which people are producing these daily by doing their normal activities (Ribbed, 2010).

All of this in happening now because of something called the greenhouse effect. Normally the earth absorbs the good radiation and heat that comes from the sun. However, what is happening now is not like this, because of the increase of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The question now is what are greenhouse gases doing now? How are they harming our planet? Normally heats inter the earth atmosphere and then leave the atmosphere but greenhouse gases never let the heat leave the earth atmosphere.

Moreover, greenhouse gases are creating holes in the ozone layer so some of the harmful radiation can inter the earth atmosphere (Houghton, 2009). Greenhouse gases are not something new to our planet but human activities like burning fossil fuel and other activities have made the amount of greenhouse gases increase in the earth atmosphere. The greenhouse gases work like the glass that lets the heat come into the earth and never goes out again and that is the reason behind the temperature increasing (Frilled, 2002).

The effects Of global warming The most noticeable major effect of global warming is the increase in the Earth average temperature. However, there are more effects of global warming. One of the impacts of global warming is the raising on the sea levels and that will lead to floods and islands may disappear. Roebuck (2010) explain that a solution needs to be found soon, “The problem is serious because up to 10 percent of the world’s population lives in vulnerable areas less than 10 meters (about 30 feet) above sea level” (Ribbed, 2010). Moreover global warming has impacts on the ecosystem.

Some plants and animals can not survive with the climate change that is happening because of global warming. The impact of global warming on the ecosystem is clear as nowadays some seasons are getting longer in some places of the world and that is affecting the animals and plants around the world. This is explained by Ribbed (2010), ‘This change in the growing season affects the broader ecosystem. Migrating animals have to start seeking food sources earlier. The shift in seasons may already be causing the lifestyles of pollinators, like bees, to be out of synch with flowering plants and trees.

This mismatch can limit the ability of both pollinators and plants to survive and reproduce, which would educe food availability throughout the food chain” (Ribbed, 2010). Global warming has impact on people themselves who are causing the problem mainly by their daily activates. The harmful radiation that the earth is absorbs can cause cancer and also the heat can increase the number of cases of heat stroke and deaths (Ribbed, 2010). Future plans to stop or reduce the affects of global warming First you have to start with yourself and take personal action.

Then alert the leaders to this huge problem and encourage other people to take their own action and start to reduce the effects of global warming (Ewing, 2008). Action an be taken in many fields of our daily life both inside the house and outside the house. Also you can change your buying habits to be more friendly with the environment and reduce the effects of global warming (Ewing, 2008). Pollution is one of the main causes of global warming. Therefore if we try to eliminate pollution and reduce it, then the effects of pollution will be reduced, and the effects of global warming also will be reduced on the same time.

One of the best ways to reduce the effect of pollution is by recycling. So what is recycling? It is to remunerate a used item and make it useful so people can use it again. Foster discuss the idea of recycling and gives some simple methods for recycling in houses or things that you use daily and people can try to use one of these methods to reduce pollution. What is the ALGAE doing or planning to do to stop or reduce global warming Here in the United Arab Emirates there are many plans to use solar energy to provide electricity and heating.

One of them is what the environment agency announced on 1 8th January 2012 that include “the completion of the construction Of 22 solar desalination plants as part of the Agency project to construct 30 solar desalination plants in different locations across the Emirate f ABA Dhabi” (DEAD announces completion of 22 solar desalination plants, 2012). Methodology After I have finished with researching about global warming, I found most of the information that I needed to complete my research sources.

Then it was the time to find out how much the United Arab Emirates citizens are aware about the issue of global warming. Gathering information created a survey and placed it on the internet so it could reach the largest possible number of participants. The main purpose of this survey is to find out about the knowledge of the citizens of the united Arab Emirates about lobar warming, in addition, I wanted to learn their opinion about the size of the problem and to know their view of whether global warming has started effecting the United Arab Emirates or not?

Also I wanted to know if they have information about the amount of carbon emission that the United Arab Emirates produce. Was interested in hearing their responses to other ideas related to global warming. Pilot survey After I had finished designing questions for the Survey I showed them to my professor and some of my friends to get feedback. The feedback helped me a lot in my work, because this let me know how the reader will understand my question on the survey. So after getting feedback I changed some of the questions, deleted some of them and checked the spelling of some words.

Originally my survey contained one open question about the Kyoto protocol after the pilot I decided to remove it and make it a multiple choice survey. Survey details The survey was electronically based and it was published on the internet, which made the survey easy to reach many age groups in a short time. It consisted of eight multiple choice questions. In this survey I wanted find out what each age group thought what about this problem. The questions maintained some yes and no answers and other questions where the reader could choose between different opinions.

Problems During designing this survey I faced some problems. One of these problems was about the type of survey; whether it going to be better to make it a hard copy or a soft copy posted on the internet. In the end I chose soft copy type of survey because it would be easier to reach a large number of people in a short time. When I had finished the survey I published the link in my twitter account, my backbone account and my blackberry to get the largest possible number of responses. This was really successful.

Data Analysis The website that I was using had the option of showing the result to every question in percentages and charts this useful function on the website made it easier for me to create a spreadsheet where I could show my results. Findings & Discussion The goal of this survey is to find out how much the United Arab Emirates citizens are aware about the issue of global warming. Figure 1: How old are you? IQ Figure 1 shows the percentage of participants in each age group. The chart shows most of the participants were from the age of 20-29 or less than 20.

The reason for this in my view, is the type of survey because it was an electronic survey and was posted on the internet and the majority of internet users are on these ages. Figure 2: Do you think that global warming is happening? Q. 2 One of the questions in my survey ask if the participants think that global warming is hipping, it is not happening or if they do not have any idea about it. As shown in figure 2 57% of the participants answered (yes) and they were sure that global warming is happening.

The results came as I explained and as have showed in the literature review previously. I was shocked to see that 2% Of the participants answered (No) and they were not sure. Hind that this little percentage did not affect my survey result. Figure 3: How important is the issue of global warming to you personally? Q. 3 The third chart shows the result of the third question in my survey. The question was about the importance of the issue of global warming to the participants personally.

Most of the participants answered that the problem is extremely important or somewhat important to them. That point was explained in the literature review. Maybe it will not affect our generation as it will affect the next generation if we do not do anything to stop or reduce the effects of global warming. In one of the questions in my survey I asked the participants to choose between five statements and select the one that they think that it is more likely to be like or similar to their point of view.

The statements were a) “Global warming is not happening” b) “Humans can not reduce global warming” c) “Even if it is happening, humans could reduce global warming; but people are not willing to change their behavior so we are not going to” d) “humans could reduce global warming; but it is unclear at this point whether we will do what is needed” and the last statement was that e) “humans can educe global warming, and we are going to do so successfully’. A large number of people had chosen the third statement.

I was really disappointed when I saw the results; I thought that people have a good idea about some of the changes that have been made to reduce the global warming effects. For example the Kyoto protocol that they made to cut down the carbon emissions. The protocol made a change in the size of the ozone hole and made it smaller than before. The ozone hole has a strong association with global warming. Figure 4: Who do you think should be responsible for doing something regard global Warming? Q.

The best way to overcome global warming and reduce the effects of global warming that everyone should try to make a change; governments cannot change anything if businesses and individuals are not willing to make any changes. The changes will only be effective if everybody participated in it; governments, businesses and individuals. Most of the participants believe in the same idea that the government, businesses and individuals should be responsible and make changes regarding global warming. Figure 5: Do you think AJAX is in the list of countries with huge carbon emissions?

Q. 5 Figure 6: Did the AAU government take any action regarding Global Warming? Q Figure 5 and Figure 6 represent the answer of to questions on the survey about the amount of Carbon emissions that the Ignited Arab Emirates is producing and where is there any movement from the United Arab Emirates regarding global warming. In the first question most of the responses were that the United Arab Emirates produce a huge amount of carbon, and this is real because of the great uncountable number of constructions that are build in the country.

For the second question more than the half of the participants had chosen the choice the view considered thought that the government of he United Arab Emirates is taking action regarding global warming. Figure 7: Are there any signs of Global Warming in the ALGAE? Q. 7 The last figure shows the responses of the participants about if there are any signs of global warming in the United Arab Emirates. Most of the participants thought that there are some signs.

A large percentage of people thought that there are some sings of global warming in the United Arab Emirates because they compare how the climate used to be before 30 years ago and how it has become nowadays. Recommendations and Conclusion Global warming is an issue than mainly start affecting our world after the industrial revelation. A lot of changes had happened in the past years related to global warming. Nowadays a lot of countries around the world are trying to stop and reduce the effects of global warming.

In my research I was trying to solve some main questions related to global warming like the reasons and affects of global warming and what are the future plans to stop or reduce the affects Of global warming? And also I wanted to find out what is the United Arab Emirates is doing or planning to do in the future to reduce the effects of global warming. I conclude from the survey that most of the people in the united Arab Emirates society are aware about global warming and welling to make changes to stop or reduce global warming.

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