Global Warming (argumentative) Assignment

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Another article that was published was from the famous Climatologist John Christy : “It has been to analyze millions of measurements from weather satellites, looking for a global temperature trend. He’s found almost no sign of global warming in the satellite data, and is confident that forecasts of warming up to 1 0 degrees in the next century are wrong. ” University of Alabama in Huntsville “Amazon Forest Growth Puzzles Scientists : March 1 0, 2004 * Forests in a remote part of the Amazon are suddenly growing like teenagers in a growth spurt. This shouldn’t be happening in old, mature forests.

Scientists think it might be caused by the extra carbon dioxide humans are putting in the air. As a result, some species are getting pushed out and others are taking over evidence that no place on Earth is too remote to be changed by human activity. ” Nap’s Christopher Joyce reports. Above were some of the articles that made me look back at the major topics discussed in the last decade. Could this be happening to our planet earth will the earth itself change in climate drastically? What will happen to the living creatures? Can they survive? The answers are yet to be found. Some are as scary as they can come.

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Countries and island would get flooded due to melting of glaciers. What causes Global warming? Is it the burning of petroleum that increases this? Or is it due to our existence on this planet? Is it the ingredients of the soup, everything that we do cause it to warm little by little? All of the major science heads need to sit down at one table and discuss these contrasting ideas and come up with an answer that we could live by.

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