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Mining can be done in all weather conditions unlike fishing and hunting therefore mining is a more efficient for the intuits. Not only does create greater wealth for the citizens there but it also creates new jobs. Mining is likely to bring opportunities to oil, coal and travel Tan’s who are powerful economic stakeholders as they will invest in Greenland rocks and mines to use the resources for cheaper.

With the economy on a rise this may cause Greenland population to increase as people may Start migrating to green land as it may give people a chance to have a better lifestyle. Another way in which it may provide opportunities is that the area will become more accessible. Melting ice sheets exposes new land and opens the sea’s clearing pathways for transport such as ships meaning that it will be easier to import and export essential goods globally like oils, gas, food and other resources transforming the economy, also enhancing the Grassland’s agriculture. . B) Global warming has lead to a rising increase in temperature causing the ice sheets in the arctic to rapidly receded. Ice sheets melting is meaning there is a loss of habitats for the arctic animals such as the polar bears and walrus ho live on the ice, gradually this will make the polar bears become extinct as there habitats will be gone, not only does this effect the arctic food chain but it also affects the many intuits which live there.

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Birds of the arctic region may also be effected and will have to migrate. Habitats may also belts as the tree line (area within which trees grown) is reducing and moving north this shift will destabilize existing food chains. The coniferous areas may also lack in trees as temperatures rise as forest fires may begin and take place more recently impacting the speed at which the forest grows.

Hunting for bears and seals is then restricted not only does this stop the intuits from living how there ancestors lived but it also means that they will have to import clothing and food globally financially harming the intuits as it will become more expensive. They will also have to find new jobs as hunting is currently the lifestyle they live. Another impact that global warming is having on the environment is the gases that are released when the ice sheets melt which are polluting the atmosphere.

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