Global Warming and Light-weight Fresh Water Assignment

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When they “burn” they are simply reacting with oxygen to form new molecules (CO, H2O, and various other byproducts). CO is known to trap incoming sunlight in the longer-wavelength form of heat, so more CO in the atmosphere leads to more heat. If not for our CO, earth would be a block of ice and there would be no life here except near heat vents at the bottom of the ocean. 4. At the meeting in India, Jack mentions how the climate is fragile but the vice- resident states the economy is even more fragile?

Talk about the difference between a fragile economy and a fragile climate. Should the vice- president have dismissed Jacks claims because of the costs fix the problems with global warming? Huge debate. That could be an entire forum here. Would argue that the long- term cost of doing nothing about global warming is far more expensive than doing something about it. At the very least, we need to stop building cities at sea level. Rebuilding New Orleans was one of the dumbest things done in the last century. . What is happening in New York with the animals in the city? Why are all the birds in the city leaving? Why are the animals in the zoo going crazy? Is this a sign? Do animals have a sixth sense which can predict natural disasters? Because it’s a stupid Hollywood movie and they needed sensational motional scenes with animals going bonkers. 6. In the movie, tornadoes whip through Angles and flatten the city. New York City is engulfed by an enormous tidal wave and freezes, burying the city in ice.

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Could this really happen so quickly with these effects? It’s an idiotic film. Not even remotely realistic. 7. Jack predicts the cause of this drastic climate shift is due to the disruption of the North Atlantic Current. What is the cause of this change in the current? Can this really happen to fast? Yes, that could happen but not as shown in Day After… It would be caused by he north Atlantic being flooded with relatively light-weight fresh water from melting ice and snow, thus stopping the thermopile circulation of the world’s oceans.

This has happened repeatedly in history, most recently at the beginning of the Little Ice Age. – Can one storm really create an ice age? No. 8. The movie depicts a massive freeze sweeping across Europe and the northern United States, resulting in a mass migration to Mexico for survival. Is this how global warming is likely to develop? No. Global warming will develop in ways that are very difficult to predict. Most keel migrations will be from poor to rich countries, from dry to wet areas, and from coastal to inland areas.

None of this will happen in dramatic fashion except during hurricanes, droughts, and other typical natural disasters. 9. Explain what happens in the “eye of the storm. ” Why can you survive the eye of the storm if you are inside and have shelter but instantaneously freeze if you are outside? That’s beyond my understanding of meteorology but suspect it was greatly exaggerated in the movie, as everything else was ridiculous. 10. Explain the following comment from the astronaut after the storm learned: “Have you ever seen the air so clear? ” What is the significance of this statement?

A massive upheaval of the atmosphere (extending into the stratosphere, effectively turning the sky upside-down) would clear the air very nicely. There is a far-fetched hypothesis (outlined in the book “The Coming Global Us praetors”) which proposes that massive instability between temperatures in the lower and upper levels of the atmosphere could result in a catastrophic storm where clouds would bust through the normal atmospheric cap. Reviews of that book (and the movie) by scientists are mostly dismissive. It’s entertainment, not education.

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