Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide Assignment

Global Warming and Carbon Dioxide Assignment Words: 407

In your conclusion, state what effect that factor has on Hottentots, include evidence from your investigation, and explain why it would have that effect based on your knowledge of photosynthesis. The light effects the rate of photosynthesis because plants absorb different colors allowing faster process of photosynthesis. The white blue light I believe is the best type of light because that is a color the plant absorbs unlike green light which it reflects. B.

Light intensity: Depending of the intensity of light that was being tested if the light was brighter photosynthesis can be performed at a faster rate than if the intensity f the light was lower. The higher the amount of CO there is in the stimulation the better the growth of the plant will be because the plant breathes in carbon dioxide and it waste is oxygen along with water. The more CO there is the faster the rate Of photosynthesis will be. 2. A student wants to grow and sell ELODEA (the water weed) for people to use in their home aquaria. A.

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What conditions of light and CO (both color and intensity) would you suggest this student use to optimize the growth of this water plant? The conditions of CO and light that I would suggest a student to use would be lee light and having the CO levels at 7. 5 along with the intensity of the light being at 7. 5 also because this would allow the plant to intake good colors of the light spectrum and it would allow a good amount of intake of carbon dioxide and if the intensity of the light it strong than photosynthesis would move at a faster rate b. Is there anything else the student would need to optimize growth?

Justify your answer. I honestly think that there is nothing else that the student would need regarding the light but maybe if he wanted to further on the investigation to optimize the growth of the water weed plant he could add minerals and protein to the water that id fundamental to the plant so it can grow faster and make it more healthy strong and durable for his clients. 3. Cutting down a large number of trees in the forested areas contributes to global climate change. What is one reason that cutting down trees would increase the greenhouse effect? Trees through photosynthesis absorb CO and release oxygen.

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